Which is the best pre-paid SIM card in Spain?

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If your current phone company doesn’t offer international plans or if your study abroad program is long-term, you’ll need to get a SIM card in Spain. The pre-paid SIM cards are quite easy to get and cheap, as well. Contract-based cell phone plans require more stability; to get one, you have to prove your residency. Some companies even make it impossible to cancel cell phone contracts, so if you’re in Spain for less than a year, stick to a pre-paid SIM card in Spain!

Why get a SIM card in Spain?

While you’re studying abroad in Spain, you’ll have plenty to do! Hopefully, you won’t be on your phone much at all. However, as a foreigner, it can be easier for us to get lost or need a bit of translation help. When those crisis moments strike, the last thing you want to do is wander around searching for a bar with Wi-Fi. That’s when it’s key to have an internet connection at the tip of your fingers!

Spanish SIM Card
You’ll use WhatsApp often in Spain, so get a Spanish SIM card to stay connected!

Other than maps and translation apps, buying a SIM card in Spain can keep you connected to your new community. The majority of Spanish people use What’s App for texting and calling. To stay updated on what your friends are doing (maybe they’re headed to a language intercambio?), you’ll need a constant connection.

If you have any free time while waiting for a bus, metro, or the clerk helping you with your empadronamiento, you should practice your Spanish with a language app! Challenging your brain to think in Spanish as often as possible will get you fluent in Spanish quickly.

The Best Pre-paid SIM Cards in Spain for Students

Buying a SIM card in Spain is easy and often very affordable. Make sure your phone is unlocked by your original provider or a Spanish SIM card will not work with it. After that, simply visit any phone store, kiosk, or locutorio to buy a SIM card in Spain! You’ll only need your passport. You can later choose to recharge it in store or online. Here are a few of the cheapest SIM card in Spain options for students!

SIM card in Spain
Whatever you need most from a cell phone plan, you’ll find the SIM card in Spain for you.

SIMYo – Customizable Cell Plans by Orange

This pre-paid SIM company can thank Orange for it’s wide coverage and high customer satisfaction. The coolest thing about SIMYo is their “Create your plan” option. You can select the exact number of minutes and gigabytes you need! They have cheap pre-determined plans to choose from as well.

Vodafone Yu – Spanish Cell Plans with Lots of Gigs

This Spanish SIM card is a great choice for study-abroad students. Their plans are made for young people, including lots of gigs and a little national call-time, as well. They have an option for 15 minutes/5 GB for €10 a month and another plan for 60 minutes/15 GB at €20 a month. Gigs and minutes are cheap to add using the Vodafone app!

LlamaYa – The Best Balance of Minutes and Gigs

With the coverage of phone company giant Masmóvil, LlamaYa offers users great service. Their pre-paid plans are cheap and full of gigabytes! Every plan they offer gives users 150 minutes of national call time. From there, you get 3 GB for €5, 7 GB for €10, 12 GB for €15, and 20 GB for €20. Students looking for a cell phone plan with gigabytes and minutes in Spain will like these options most.

Using a different SIM card that you think is great for students in Spain? Comment below!

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