How to Renew a Spanish Student Visa in Spain

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It’s great news that you’ve realized you want to stay in Spain, but then the worry hits: how do you renew a Spanish student visa? You’ve already jumped through hoops to get your NIE and the thought of more paperwork can give you a headache. You don’t want to spend hours googling how to renew a student visa in Spain! You don’t want to go all the way back to your home country to renew your visa, either. This article has you covered. You’ll find all the information you need about how, when, where and what paperwork you’ll need to renew your student visa in Spain.

We understand renewing your Spanish Student visa can be an overwhelming process, that’s why we collaborate with a Spanish immigration law firm that can apply for the visa renewal on your behalf. If you want to get professional legal support please contact us here.


Requirements for Renewing a Spanish Student Visa

You’ve been through this before, so you probably already meet a lot of the student visa requirements. If you are not changing studies or schools, you will find it much easier to renew a student visa in Spain. You’ll need to get a renewed letter of acceptance from your school or program to reapply. You can also renew a Spanish student visa if you’ve landed an internship related to your studies here. However, if you’re looking to renew a Spanish student visa with a different educational institute or program, you will have to return your home country to do the paperwork.

When Should I Renew A Student Visa in Spain?

Here’s the straightforward answer: you can start the Spanish student visa renewal process up to 60 days before your current student visa expires. If you’re a late person (but always on time for Spanish mealtimes), don’t worry. You can also renew a student visa in Spain up to 90 days after your current student visa expires. While different cities have different preferences as to when you should start renewing your student visa, it’s always better to be too early than too late!

Where Do I Renew A Spanish Student Visa?

To renew your student visa in Spain, you should go to your city’s Oficina de Extranjeria (you might need an appointment) and bring the following list of documents:

  • Your passport in vigor and photocopies of all the pages
  • Your student visa and photocopies of the front and back
  • A letter of completion from your current university/program
  • A letter of acceptance from your upcoming university/program
  • Form EX-00 with parts 1 and 4 completed
  • Your paid TASA form (Modelo 790, TASA 52)
  • Valid health insurance
  • Official bank documents proving you have sufficient funds to support yourself
how to renew a Spanish student visa
Keep a list of all the photocopies you need or you might end up feeling like this!

Make sure that the address on your forms is correct because the government will send your renewal letter there! The letter should arrive between 1-3 months after your first appointment to extend your Spanish student visa. Once you receive your approval letter arrives, you’ll have to return to the Oficina de Extranjeria with these documents:

  • Your passport in vigor
  • Your student visa
  • Your student visa approval letter and a photocopy
  • Your EX-00 from the first appointment and a photocopy
  • A second paid TASA
  • 2-3 passport sized photos of you

You’ll get a temporary document after this appointment is over and your new visa should arrive at this office in a month. Don’t forget to stop back to pick it up! When you return to get your new visa, you’ll have to turn your old one in. Bring your passport as a form of ID when you pick up your new visa and finally, you’re all set to keep studying Spain!


Note: This is the student visa renewal process in Spain for non-EU citizens. For any doubts or questions you have, get in touch with our helpful team for advice!

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