6 Must-Read Tips: How to Look for An Apartment in Spain

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Figuring out how to apply for a student visa seems hard until you start wondering how to look for an apartment in Spain!

As a newcomer to the country, your Spanish may not be very strong, yet all the advertisements for apartments are in Spanish.

How on earth can you be expected to navigate an apartment search in a foreign country?

As the Spanish say, “No te preocupes!” (Don’t worry!) We’ve compiled all the must-read tips from our staff at Go! Go! España to create this master list on how to look for an apartment in Spain.

If looking for your own apartment seems hard, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to find your accommodation in Spain for you.

After all, we’re the experts on studying abroad in Spain!

how to look for an apartment in Spain
Get ready for a successful apartment search with our must-read tips.

How to Look for An Apartment in Spain

1. Don’t email.

Available rooms in Spain don’t stay on the market for long, especially the nicer ones.

It might be intimidating but when you find a flat you like, call the listed number.

Prepare a small speech with your name, what you’re doing in Spain, and when you’d like to visit the flat. Sending a message on What’s App works as well!

2. Use a Spanish phone.

It’s not the fairest practice, but some apartments in Spain prefer tenants who are already integrated in Spain.

Get a Spanish cell phone to show that you’ll be an easy tenant to contact!

3. Don’t wire money without meeting first. There are a few apartment scams in Spain.

The most common scam entails a landlord who is currently out of the country but will mail you the keys if you send a wire transfer.

Make sure that you visit the apartment and get a feel for your landlord’s trustworthiness before making a commitment.

how to look for an apartment in Spain
Prepare a list of questions in Spanish to ask during apartment visits.

4. Start searching 1-2 months before your arrival.

As student rooms in Spain are in high demand, you won’t be able to start your apartment search earlier than a month or two in advance.

5. Research the apartment’s location.

If you’ll be in an intensive study abroad program in Spain, you’ll be going to school often.

Make sure you don’t have to trek an hour just to get to class! You’ll also want to read about the area’s safety and amenities.

6. Ask for help!

If your Spanish listening is sub-par, find a Spanish-speaking friend to help when you visit an apartment in Spain.

You aren’t likely to get the apartment of your dreams if the landlord can’t communicate with you.

Do you have any other tips for finding an apartment in Spain? Comment below!

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