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Online learning has grown in popularity significantly in the past ten years. And then along came Covid-19, which led to everything online seeing a marked increase in users. There are clearly many positives to Online Learning but what about the more personal teacher-student relationship of Face-to-Face Learning? Let’s take a closer look at Face-to-Face vs Online Learning.

Face-to-Face vs Online Learning

1. Flexibility & Cost

The main draws of Online Learning have always been its flexibility and cost. Online is where students went if they specifically wanted courses that could be moulded to their schedules or if they wanted to keep to a tight budget. Traditional Face-to-Face Learning courses were the default, being what we were accustomed to and trusted from school and what society has followed for centuries. But technological advances in recent years and the Covid Pandemic make it a very close-run race in the popularity stakes between Face-to-Face vs Online Learning.

face-to-face vs online Learning devices

2. Modern Online Learning

Modern Online Learning platforms now offer synchronous or asynchronous learning. With video conferencing software such as Skype and Zoom, student and teacher can be face-to-face online at the same time and enjoy crystal-clear audio and visual communication. You might be lacking the true tangibility of Face-to-Face Learning, but only just. We are ever more accustomed to living via our screens and ever more comfortable with Online Learning.

3. Time efficient, flexible, green

Online Learning courses typically offer students much more control over what they are learning and at what pace they are learning it. With Online courses students can save themselves lots of time too. Commuting and parking time goes out the window and the inevitable missed classes are never missed. Not having to travel or use physical materials also makes Online Learning the greener way to study.

face-to-face vs online Learning classroom

4. Foreign Language Learning

When learning a foreign language there specific factors to consider in relation to Face-to-Face vs Online Learning. If you are looking to learn Spanish, the ideal solution would have to be moving to Spain and joining a Face-to-Face Spanish course. Alongside all you would be learning from your everyday life in Spain, you would be interacting in person with native speakers. Go Go Espana can recommend many fantastic language schools offering Face-to-Face Spanish courses.  Please get in touch if you are interested in moving to Spain to study.

5. Great teachers and learning material anytime anywhere

Not everyone, of course, is in a position to move to Spain and this is where Online Learning saves the day. These days a vast range of different online course styles are available to learn Spanish and other foreign languages. We can quickly, simply and relatively cheaply connect with native teachers from Spain and Latin America via our devices and enjoy comfortable, dynamic classes at a time of our choosing. Learning material is easy to find online (check out the free Go! Go! España Beginner Spanish Course) and many people find it easier to focus with the distraction-free environment of an online class.

6. Supporting local communities

When you sign up for a Face-to-Face course in your local area, you are supporting your local education providers and studying alongside friends and neighbors. Synchronous groups are still more effective Face-to-Face at this moment in time and, usually, much more fun.

It’s all good!

Between Face-to-Face vs Online Learning there is no clear better or worse. Both are great! It really depends on personal circumstances and preferences. What is clear is that there is no excuse not to learn Spanish!

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