Cheap Spain for Language Students: Money-saving tips

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You don’t want to seem like a penny pincher but there’s got to be a side of cheap Spain for language students, right? Finding the right corners to cut to save yourself a bit of money can go a long way. You didn’t do all the work of applying for a Spanish student visa just to arrive and miss tasting the delicious Agua de Valencia cocktail!

If you’re looking to save some money and visit the side of cheap Spain for language students, take notes on the cheapest places and other tips below.

Cheap Spain for language students: Study tips

If you want to scrape some money off the cost of your language studies in Spain, it’s possible! The main way to save money on your studies is to choose to study in a less populated Spanish city. Cities like Madrid and Barcelona are busy with thousands of people vying for the same apartments and spots in schools, so they’re more expensive!

seville cheap spain for language students
You won’t sacrifice any of the beauty or culture by choosing a cheaper city like Seville.

Spain’s cost of living is comparably lower in cities like Valencia, Seville, or Salamanca. In the cheapest cities to study in Spain, you can get by on 700€-900€ per month. In bigger cities, you’ll need closer to 800€-1000€ (and maybe even more).

Cheapest living arrangements in Spain

By choosing a less popular tourist destination to study in Spain, you’ll also reap the benefits of cheaper housing. However, the rental housing market doesn’t differ greatly across the country. It’s generally true that the cheapest option for student accommodations is a shared room in a shared flat. In smaller cities like Seville and Cadiz, you can find a shared room for 200€-300€. Private rooms in shared apartments have a similar price range, so you can usually get the next best option for around the same price!

Taking on the burden of apartment searching can yield you even cheaper results, though this option comes with a warning. If you end up in a bad flat, the Spanish school you’re attending won’t have any obligation to help if you went it alone. Stick to our tips for finding a flat in Spain so you don’t end up high and dry.

Other money saving tips for Spain

It takes time to find the money-saving corners that you can cut when you move to a new city. Take our word for it and reap the benefits of cheap Spain for language students as soon as you move in!

save money spain rent bike language student
Find the city bike stations in your city and you’ll be getting around faster (and cheaper) than ever.

– Nearly every Spanish city has a city bike rental service. Check out the price of a subscription and weigh it against the cost of taking the metro every day. It’s often much cheaper to bike everywhere!

– Depending on the length of your stay in Spain, it may be cheaper to get a Spanish SIM card. Paying for international service can be costly, while getting a cheap SIM card and pay-as-you-go plan can be as cheap as 10€ a month.

– If possible, try to visit Spain outside of the high tourist season. In the summer months, prices around every city center start to climb until the tourists go home.

– Always check out “menu del dia” deals at restaurants. It’s a cheap way to get a three-course meal and it’s often just as good as a-la-carte dishes!

Do you have any other money-saving tips for studying abroad in Spain? Share them in the comments so we can all discover cheap Spain for language students!

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