9 Best Websites to Find Housing in Spain

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housing in Spain

Are you a student or remote worker trying to find housing in Spain? Perhaps you’ve just relocated to a new city in Spain and are looking for an apartment to rent in Spain long term?

Whatever your situation, there are plenty of options available for those looking at renting a property in Spain.

With so many online accommodation websites available, how do you know which ones are legitimate?

We’ll take the guesswork out of your search for you by providing a list of the 9 best websites to find housing in Spain!

Each of these sites will provide necessary information on price, location, amenities, and more.

Keep reading as we recommend some of the best sites below.

How to Find Housing in Spain

Finding an apartment or flat that is within budget, has a great location, and ticks all your boxes might seem difficult.

However, by using an accommodation service, or referencing our list below, you’ll find it much easier to search through the many homes for rent in Spain!

There are several great websites now listing rental accommodation all over Spain.

These websites offer databases in a variety of languages, price point filters, interactive neighborhood maps, and more.

housing in Spain

Best Websites to Find Housing in Spain

1. Idealista – Our #1 Website to Find Housing in Spain

Best website for browsing through a large selection of properties

There’s a reason Idealista consistently lands on lists of top rental websites.

From the Spanish islands to various autonomous communities through Spain, Idealista has listings for it all.

In fact, Idealista’s vast network is comprised of nearly 64,000 rental properties in Spain.

This wide network of rental properties, combined with its safe reputation, make Idealista a great choice for renters hoping to find flats to rent in Spain.

Listings on the site are made by real estate agents and property owners.

Potential renters can look through 3D floor plans, street-view walk throughs, and sort by price to find their next home.

These are just some of the many reasons why we wanted to include it on our list of top websites to find housing in Spain.

Start your search by browsing through the wide variety of listings on their website today.

2. Uniplaces

Best website for a wide variety of rental types for students (integrated in our website)

Next on our list is the rental platform Uniplaces.

This service helps students and renters alike find accommodation with ease.

With plenty of paperwork, application fees, and more, standard rental procedures can be confusing and tiresome.

Uniplaces is an excellent service for those hoping to simplify their housing search by removing some of these tiresome procedures.

They even have an assisted booking section for those who would like assistance during their housing search.

They even offer assistance for those who speak a variety of languages including:

  • Spanish
  • English
  • Italian
  • German
  • French
  • Portuguese

3. Fotocasa

Best website for helpful search features

We’ve included Fotocasa on our list for its upgraded search features and budget-friendly rentals.

What’s helpful about Fotocasa is that it includes a search feature known as a heat map.

This heat map is helpful for those looking to find affordable rental areas throughout parts of Spain.

Fotocasa also has a map feature that allows potential renters to draw around a specific area of interest.

Curious to know what properties are available in certain neighborhoods between Málaga and Madrid?

Use Fotocasa’s map feature and search through various properties in each city to compare.

We also recommend using their handy rental search feature ‘By Commute Time’.

This feature allows you to see how long it might take to get from campus to home and back again.

Or, see how long it might take to walk to work from your new apartment!

Either way, Fotocasa has over 1 million properties to search through.

This extensive catalogue makes it easy for renters to find something that fits their rental wish list.

4.    Flatio

Best website for students or digital nomads

Flatio is the ultimate go-to site for anyone looking for flexible housing in Spain.

It’s an excellent option for students and remote workers alike.

This booking platform offers short-term, month-to-month, and long-terms rentals throughout Spain.

For those staying up to 6 months, deposits aren’t required, and all utilities are included in your monthly rental payment.

This makes it easier on students hoping to save some of their hard-earned income to explore Spain!

From flexible rental options, to furnished apartments, Flatio is an outstanding choice when looking for housing in Spain.

5.    Departiculares

Best websites for private flats

Departiculares is a site that allows renters to book accommodations without a fee.

The site itself compiles postings from various individual property owners, rather than rental agencies.

The site allows renters to look through private rentals in various cities throughout Spain.

From Barcelona to Alicante, you can browse through their listings with filters such as housing type, minimum rent amount, amenities included, and more.

For those looking to rent private apartments, Departiculares may be a good option.

housing in Spain

More Helpful Websites to Find Homes in Spain

Still not seeing what you’re looking for?

Here are four more of our favorite websites to find property in Spain!

6.   Badi

Best website for shared housing and short-term stays

Badi lands on our list for its flexible housing and short-term stay options.

Started in Barcelona as a way to find potential roommates, Badi is a good option for those hoping to find an apartment to share with others.

The site allows potential renters to search based on classic features such as location and price.

It also allows potential renters to enter their information into a profile to search for rooms based on roommate preferences.

From there, renters can send requests to the person currently renting to see if the roommate match might be a good one!

The app safeguards information by allowing conversations to happen directly in the app, without giving out personal information such as phone numbers or email addresses.

Check out their private rooms to rent options today!

7.    Habitaclia

Best website to find rentals in Barcelona

If you’ve got your heart set on staying in Barcelona, Habitaclia might just be the perfect rental website for you.

With head offices in Barcelona, the site receives over 5 million visitors each month, with over 200,000 Spain rentals and properties to comb through.

Habitaclia also offers rental options throughout parts of the Mediterranean region, but has plenty of options to choose from in the Barcelona area.

With plenty of listing to look through, and a wide database of properties, Habitaclia is a must-see site on our list.

8.    Roomi

Best website for finding other renters and housemates

The best feature about Roomi is that it completes the roommate vetting process for you!

Each person receives a background check before being added to the database, so you can rest assured your safety comes first.

The site allows for real time updates to be sent to potential renters, so you won’t miss out on new room listings during your search.  

Their website is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Easily browse through verified rooms and utilize the chat to ask questions about rentals that catch your eye!

9.    Ukio

Best website for fully furnished apartments

Ukio is a rental agency based in Barcelona, with rentals properties available in Madrid and Barcelona.

If furnished apartments are more your style, you can search through furnishing types such as Beach-themed or Mountain-themed options.

Ukio offers a variety of furnished apartments for those looking to arrive in Spain with the apartment ready to go.

Remote workers may find this option helpful if staying in Spain either short or long term, and would prefer everything ready to go upon arrival.

housing in Spain

Find Housing in Spain With Go! Go! España

As with all rental websites, it’s a smart idea to be wary of any potential online scams.

However, if you’d like to save yourself the hassle of sifting through multiple websites and avoiding online scams, we can help.

We work hand in hand with various Spanish partners to help you find the perfect home.

Don’t forget to use Go! Go! España’s accommodation finder or bookmark this page for future reference.

From beach side flats to bustling city apartments, we’ll help you comb through it all.

In the meantime, curious about Spanish universities, courses, or travel tips for Spain?

Check out our website for information related to visas, travel, restaurant tips, and more!


What Spanish rental website should I use if I’m a potential student?

Uniplaces, Flatio, and Roomi are all great options for students searching for their next home. Accommodation search engines can also be helpful tools when looking for a home to rent.

Do all rental properties in Spain require a deposit?

While many rental properties require renters to submit a deposit when signing a new lease, some services waive this fee depending on the length of stay.

What if I want to live with a roommate while in Spain?

Luckily there are plenty of rental websites available that offer renters the option to seek a roommate! Sites like Uniplaces and Roomi offer safe options for renters looking to room with someone.

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