9 Best Websites to Find a Job in Spain

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mejores páginas web para encontrar trabajo en España

Do you want a part-time job while studying in Spain? Great! We’ve picked our 9 best websites to find a job in Spain to take the effort out of your job search.

One of the best parts about traveling to Spain to study or undertake training will be immersing yourself in the wonderful culture.

But with so many things to see and do, you might need a few extra Euros in your pocket while you’re there.

A part-time job could certainly help and we picked our 9 Best Websites to Find a Job in Spain to get your job search started.

websites to find a job in Spain

What are the 9 Best Websites to Find a Job In Spain?

Whether you’re a student, completing professional training or doing an internship, it’s likely you are on a student visa.

So you will be looking for part-time work that complies with the regulations of your visa – and there’s plenty out there!

But if you’re a graduate and looking for full-time work in Spain and you have the correct visa – these platforms to find a job in Spain will be great for you, too.

1. Infojobs – Our #1 Website to Find a Job in Spain

Best Website for having the most job availability

Infojobs is the No.1 job platform to find work in Spain. Why? They have the biggest database of jobs that are up for grabs with nearly 50,000 available currently.

If you are in Spain for a year or less, you don’t want to waste too much of your time applying for jobs. And with so much work available on Infojobs, it won’t take you long to find one.

The team at Infojobs are on a mission to be the platform with the quickest and easiest way to match job seekers with employers.

And they also offer support for job-seekers through their advice section and study guide. So you can get to grips with job-searching pretty quickly even when you’re in a different country.

2.  Trabajos

Best Website for Blue-collar jobs

The reason this website is near the top of our list is that if you’re studying in Spain, it’s more likely that part-time work available will have a hands-on element.

Trabajos is great at providing his type of employment and has a huge database of companies looking for great employees like you.

You might want to do something physical to counteract all that desk-based study time. It might be waitressing, bar work, tutoring, deliveries, translating… the list goes on.

Or you could travel to the countryside to work at the weekends or during your breaks in study throughout the year.

You want a job and Trabajos has 173,385 companies who want you on their team.

3. Turijobs

Best Website for Jobs in the Tourism and Hospitality sector

While Turijobs is not one of the biggest job platforms to find a job in Spain, it has totally nailed its niche.

As we’ve said, many students are looking for part-time work that can fit around their studies.

That means mostly working evenings and weekends. And the kind of work that fits that time frame best are jobs in hospitality and tourism.

Not only will you get a cash boost by working in hospitality or tourism, but you’ll also get to practice your language skills – it’s a win-win!

So if this sounds like a good fit, head over to Turijobs and join in the fun world of food and fiestas.

4. Infoempleo

Best Website for Employer/Candidate matching

This website ranks #2 in Spain for having the most job availability and for website visits.

We’ve ranked infoempleo 4th because there is a range of white-collar jobs which may not work around a student’s schedule. But don’t let that put you off. They have a range of general jobs, too.

This website specializes in sourcing and matching you to employment that’s a good fit for you. So whatever your skills, they have a job to suit.

They also have a range of support tools, such as free CV templates, CV samples, a CV builder and a training portal to hone your skills.

Infoempleo’s website is also clear and easily navigable. So it’s another of the best ways to find a job in Spain.

5. Indeed

Best Website for Finding A Job in Spain the Way You’re Used To

Indeed is a job website that doesn’t need an introduction. You may have already used Indeed to find a job in your home country.

So it should be the easiest way to segue your job search into your student life in Spain.

It’s a popular job-search site in Spain, too, so don’t think it has a particular bias toward a certain country. And there is currently 70,000 job offers available in Spain on the Indeed site.

Much of the work listed in Spain on the website is based in city locations, such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia or Malaga.

But as these are some of the most popular destinations to study in Spain, this is probably a bonus for finding part-time work.

We love their aggregated job-finding function too so you don’t waste hours scrolling through irrelevant jobs.

6. Monster.es

Best Website for Ease of Use

Monster is another international job-search name that you may already be familiar with.

What we love about this site is not only its large selection of job availability, it’s the crisp and clear website design and functionality.

The website has pre-selected job searches in different fields to help narrow your search and makes uploading your CV simple.

And there’s a range of easy-to-access support to help you hone your CV and interviewing skills.

One of the job features that we really like is the “I work from home” search function.

While it may not get you out and about, it may be a way of finding work that fits more neatly into your study schedule.

7. Hosco

Best Website for Short-term or Seasonal Catering and Hospitality work

Hosco is a popular Spanish job-search platform and registering with their website opens up endless short or seasonal possibilities.

The company is incredibly popular with its users and has a good reputation for placing job-seekers in leisure-based jobs very quickly.

And as jobs in the fields of leisure, catering, and hotel work are in high demand, there are always going to be jobs that catch your eye.

The leisure industry is a large one in Spain  – it’s a popular tourist destination.

And as a student, you’re likely to be available to work during high-traffic times for people taking part in some form of leisure activity.

So Hosco is a great website for students who put their studies first but have time to fit a shift in after class.

8. Think Spain

Best Website for Finance, Media, and Education

If you already have a work experience in a specific field you may want not want a hole in your CV while you study.

Perhaps you are a media guru, a fantastic financier, or an enlightening educator. If so, this website will be a great one for you.

And as it is partially tailored for your markets, narrowing down your field is much more of a breeze.

While the website is a little simplistic, it is a back-to-basics approach that cuts down on the “fluff” of many other job websites.

9. Xpatjobs – Last Best Website to Find a Job in Spain

Best Website to find a job in Spain for English Speakers

If your language skills are still not as fluent as you’d like, you might prefer a job platform designed to cater for ex-pats.

They offer jobs to ex-pats who are fluent, too, of course, but they can hook you up with work that doesn’t require a huge level of fluency.

This way you can work and practice your language skills without having to rely on them to do your job properly.

Xpatjobs partners with agencies so the pool of available work is pretty big. Which makes this site one of the 9 best ways to find a job in Spain if you’re an international student.

Using any of these websites to find a job in Spain should make your job hunt so much easier.

But if you’d like to know more about what it’s like to work in Spain check out our article.

And you’ll definitely be interested in learning more about accommodation so you have a comfortable place to go home to after a day of study and work.

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