The 5 Best Spanish TV Programs to Learn Spanish

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As your Spanish-learning journey starts to take you to higher levels, having the same conversations time and time again gets stagnant and boring. If you want to become proficient in Spanish, you’ll need to diversify your learning materials! A great place for challenging yet fun ways to learn is right in your living room on Spanish TV. Watching some of the best Spanish TV programs is highly educational as well as interesting. In fact, students can become much more fluid during conversations by watching the best Spanish TV programs. Check out our favorite Spanish TV shows below and tune in.

The 5 Best Spanish TV Programs to Watch Online to Learn Spanish

Watching Spanish TV shows will do more than just improve your Spanish. If you keep up with the best Spanish TV programs, you’ll open doors to new conversations with local Spaniards. Nearly every Spanish person watches at least one of the best Spanish TV programs, so you’ll have lots of topics to discuss if a conversation ever presents itself! On top of that, your Spanish listening should greatly improve by listening to dialogue.

best Spanish tv programs
Watching Spanish TV can give you a glimpse into the country’s deep history and culture. Try Cuéntame if you like history!

1. El Hormiguero – Funniest Spanish TV Show

El Hormiguero (or The Anthill) is a nightly-running Spanish talk show full of wacky antics, interesting science experiments and guest-starring celebrity interviews. The host, Pablo Motos, is very famous and well-recognized in Spain. This is probably the funniest Spanish TV show on air. They run all kinds of comedic segments like testing hangover cures and performing satirical raps. You never know what will happen on El Hormiguero!

2. Cuéntame – Best Spanish History Series

The official name of this Spanish history series is “Cuéntame cómo pasó,” which means “tell me how it happened” in English. Cuéntame (as it’s often shortened) is set in the past, starting just after the Spanish Civil War. This is one of the best Spanish TV programs for newcomers to Spain. It helps explain Spanish history, culture, and political attitudes as they developed in history. It even occasionally includes real interviews with historical figures from Spain’s past!

3. El Intermedio – Best Spanish News Program

Watching the news in Spain, or Las Noticias, can be information-heavy and hard to enjoy for Spanish learners. That’s why El Intermedio (The Intermission) is a great source for the Spanish news: it’s funny! The news satire show is hosted by El Gran Wyoming, who is very famous in Spain for his witty criticisms of politicians. This Spanish news program can help foreigners understand the politics of Spain with a funny twist that holds their interest.

best Spanish TV programs
There are tons of Spanish Netflix shows to choose from as well, like Casa del Papel.

4. Operación Triunfo – Most Popular Singing Competition in Spain

Everyone in Spain knows about Operación Triunfo even though it only airs during part of the year. That’s because it’s their most popular national singing competition in Spain! Like American Idol with a Big Brother twist, Operación Triunfo finds new singing talent to compete against each other while living in the same house. Traditionally, the winner of Operación Triunfo is sent to represent Spain in the annual Eurovision competition.

5. La Casa de Papel – Best Spanish Netflix Series

La Casa de Papel is a Spanish Netflix Series surrounding a fictional bank heist. In the dramatic series, a team of thieves pairs up to break into the Royal Mint of Spain and print 2.4 billion euros. This limited series did officially premiere on Spanish TV, which is why we’re adding it to our list of the best Spanish TV programs, even though it’s currently only available on Netflix!

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