Study in Spain: An American’s Guide to the Benefits

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There are numerous benefits of studying in Spain for Americans and that is why Spain is one of the most popular study-abroad destinations for US students.

Reasons to study in Spain for Americans include Spain’s well-organized and respected education system, rich culture and history, widely-spoken language, low cost of living and tuition fees, world-famous food and drink, wonderful and varied scenery, and amazing weather!

Benefits of studying in Spain

One of the biggest benefits of studying in Spain is simply being in another country.

Spain is consistently in the top ten of most popular countries for international students and the most represented countries in Spain are the US, Italy, and France.

Coming to Europe to study is a fantastic life experience for US students. Whilst studying in Spain, students will not only be learning from their courses, but their lives will also be enriched in innumerable ways simply from living in another country.

Europe is attractive to US students because of its vast history and the great variety of languages and cultures.

Life in Spain is very different to life in the US and this fact alone is one of the greatest benefits of studying in Spain for Americans.

benefits of studying in Spain
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Lower living costs and tuition fees in Spain

One of the most obvious benefits of studying in Spain for Americans is that the cost of living in Spain is considerably lower than in the US.

Tuition fees also are far cheaper and for well-respected schools and universities with superb staff and facilities.

This means that a US student can attain a first-rate education with money left in their pockets to spend on something nice, such as exploring Europe.

If we compare the USA with Spain for 2021 using Expatica’s Cost of Living Indicator, we see that the average monthly living costs for a single person in Spain are $1771 and for a single person in the USA they are $2595.

This takes into account food, housing, clothing, transportation, personal care, and entertainment costs.

When comparing the major cities of the two countries Spain is even more dramatically cheaper with, for example, New York 67% more expensive than Madrid.

Spanish tuition fees are around $880-$2,450 in comparison to US tuition fees of around $5,000-$50,000.

Spain’s climate is another of the benefits of studying in Spain

If you come from a cold part of the USA, you will most probably be enticed to Spain for its climate.

Spanish weather does vary around the country, with colder weather in the north, but in general, the climate is warm and dry most of the year with mild winters.

Be aware though, some inland parts of Spain see winter temperatures drop below freezing.

If a mild climate all year round is a deciding factor for you, you might want to consider avoiding places such as Burgos, León, Lleida, Ávila, Albacete, Vitoria, Salamanca, Soria, and Segovia which tend to see the coldest winters.

benefits of studying in Spain

Spanish beautiful scenery

The combination of Spain’s comfortable climate with its beautiful beaches, coastline, mountains, and the countryside is definitely one of the benefits of studying in Spain.

Spain is a great place for anyone who loves the outdoor life: walking, running, cycling, climbing, trekking, canoeing, camping, diving, rafting, etc.

And after working up a hunger and thirst you have Spain’s world-famous bars and restaurants to enjoy.

Spain is perfectly positioned to grow the tastiest ingredients and Spanish bars and restaurants know just how to serve them!

Spanish food and drink are of the highest quality, whether this is a budget menu of the day or a fine dining restaurant.

Spanish Language is one of the most widely spoken in the world

Let’s not forget the Spanish language!

Having the opportunity to learn one of the most widely spoken languages in the world is another big reason to study in Spain for Americans.

Spanish is second only to Chinese in terms of numbers of native speakers around the world and Spanish is becoming ever more widely spoken in the USA.

Living around native speakers is the best thing you can do if you are serious about learning a second language.

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