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U-tad, University of Technology Arts and Design is a higher education institution specialised in developing the inner talent of the students. They offer students the knowledge and the tools necessary to unleash their creativity through an education based on excellence.

As a first-class educational institution, the academic excellence is one of their cornerstones and they offer the student a training ecosystem with all the theoretical and practical tools, not to mention the prestigious industry professionals teaching faculty, who make of the students capable professionals ready to face today´s challenges, as well as to progress at the same pace as the digital industry.

Through an eminently practical tuition model, based on project development and working in multidisciplinary teams comprised of students from all degrees, they train the future leaders of the digital industry.

Bachelor’s Degree (on average)

10,600€ in total

Master’s Degree (on average)

10,400€ in total

U-tad, Animation and Video Games University

Academic Programs

At U-tad, you can pursue a complete undergraduate degree program, or a postgraduate degree of your choice. You will be able to study the following:

• Computer Science
• Data Science
• Cybersecurity
• Graphic Computing
• Simulation & VR
• Digital Design
• Game Design
• Game Programming
• Game Art
• 2D Animation
• 3D Animation
• Character Design
• Rigging and CFX,
• 3D Modelling
• Compositing for VFX,
• Concept Art
• Story ART and Production Direction for Animation
• Video Games

U-tad, Animation and Video Games University

University features

Most Awarded University in Spain and Europe

U-tad boasts a remarkable track record as the most decorated university in Spain and Europe. Over the past five years, the institution has amassed more than 100 prestigious awards, a testament to the exceptional quality of its educational model.

These awards include PlayStation Awards, Fun & Serious, Gamelab, SXSW in Austin (Texas), European Cybersecurity Challenge, WorldSkills, Spain Skills, Madrid Skills, Bridging the Gap, among others.

Practical Learning Approach

U-tad’s students engage in practical learning from day one, adopting a “learning by doing” approach. This model progressively intensifies project complexity, enhancing information retention, learning, problem-solving capabilities, and teamwork skills.

Multi-Discipline Project Development

Starting from their first year, students embark on project development. By their second year, they collaborate on multidisciplinary projects, teaming up with peers from diverse backgrounds.

These projects follow professional methodologies and technology standards, featuring controlled delivery schedules and production timelines. This approach ensures students meet their objectives and prepares them for seamless integration into companies upon graduation.

Renowned Expert Faculty

U-tad’s faculty comprises 20% doctors and professional educators, along with 80% digital industry professionals. They exclusively teach their areas of expertise, sharing their extensive professional experience and up-to-date industry knowledge.

Working with cutting-edge technology, they keep pace with industry trends and impart this knowledge to students, ensuring graduates are well-prepared to meet company expectations.

Professional Development Service

U-tad offers a dedicated Professional Development Service department, facilitating a wide range of internships and high-quality job opportunities for its students. The institution’s annual Company Day brings top company recruiters to its campus to identify and nurture talent for internships and future employment.

Additionally, U-tad hosts TOP workshops (Professional Guidance Workshops) throughout the year, where sector professionals provide valuable insights to guide students in crafting essays, resumes, and gaining the knowledge needed to excel in leading global companies.

U-tad, Animation and Video Games University

Campuses & Location


U-tad’s campus is located on the outskirts of Madrid, in the town of Las Rozas, and it is composed of two buildings, each serving distinct purposes.

The Madrid Building, situated at the southern end of the campus, hosts undergraduate course classrooms. In contrast, the Berlin Building is dedicated to graduate and postgraduate courses and also houses administrative services, including the Academic Secretariat.

U-tad’s library provides a wealth of resources, from recommended reading lists and periodicals to animated films, video game consoles, and board games. Study spaces, individual workstations, and reprographic services are available, along with Android Tablets for loan. Sports facilities, including a paddle tennis court and multi-sports court. Student clubs aim to promote personal and professional development, adhering to U-tad’s principles and values. Cafeteria services are available in the Madrid Building.

Pque.Europa Empresarial (2 mins)

Bus 2, 620, 622, 625, 633, and 685

U-tad, Animation and Video Games University

University degree programs

Bachelor's degrees at U-tad

Taught in English or in Spanish*:

• B.S. Computer Science
• B.F.A. in Animation
• B.A. in Interactive Product Design

*each student can choose the language he prefers

Taught only in Spanish:

• B.A. in Visual Effects
• B.F.A. in Digital Design
• B.S. Double Degree in Computational Mathematics and Computer Science
• B.S. Double Degree in Computational Physics and Computer Science

Course length

Bachelor’s Degrees: 4 years

Available starts



Bachelor’s Degree (annual average): 10,600€ in total

Note: Please note that every degree may have different prices.

The academic fees shown above correspond to one academic.

Contact us here in order to get the exact cost of the Degree you are interested in.

Disclaimer: Prices in currencies other than euro are estimated based on the latest exchange rates.

Master's degrees at U-tad

Taught only in Spanish On Campus:

• M.S. in Game Development
• M.A. in Game Design
• M.F.A. in Game Art

Taught only in Spanish Online or On Campus:

• MS in Graphic Computing, Virtual Reality and Simulation
• Postgraduate Certificate Expert in Development for Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality
• M.A. in Production Direction for Animation, Games and VFX
• M.A. in Rigging & Character FX
• Postgraduate Expert Program in Character Design
• M.A. in Digital Compositing for VFX
• M.A. in 3D Character Animation

*each student can choose if he wants to take the program on campus or online

Course length

Master’s Degrees ≈ 9 months

Available starts



Master’s Degree (annual average): 10,400€ in total

Note: Please note that every degree may have different prices.

The academic fees shown above correspond to one academic.

Contact us here in order to get the exact cost of the Degree you are interested in.

Disclaimer: Prices in currencies other than euro are estimated based on the latest exchange rates.

U-tad, Animation and Video Games University

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U-tad, Animation and Video Games University

Frequently asked questions

U-tad’s mission is to empower our students through education that ignites their creativity and equips them to excel in the Animation and Video Games industry. They are dedicated to nurturing their inner talent, offering knowledge and tools while maintaining a strong connection to the industry’s demands and needs.

U-tad is built on the following values:

1. Academic Excellence: They provide quality education aligned with the demands of the Animation and Video Games industry, led by a prestigious faculty.

2. Technological Innovation: U-tad stays at the forefront of technology to offer up-to-date education that is relevant to the Animation and Video Games sector.

3. Teamwork: U-tad emphasizse collaboration among students with diverse academic backgrounds, fostering a sense of unity within the Animation and Video Games community in Spain and the rest of the world.

4. Entrepreneurship: They encourage students to develop real projects and make a difference in the world.

U-tad boasts a team of industry professionals with extensive experience in areas like Engineering, Design, Animation, and Video Games, dating back to the early ’90s. They collaborate with industry experts and maintain a strong focus on fulfilling the needs of the sector. Their goal is to train professionals who can make a meaningful difference in this industry.

U-tad organizes events, masterclasses, and Company Day, offering students the opportunity to interact with professionals from the Technology, Arts and Design sector. These events provide valuable networking opportunities and insights into the latest industry trends.

To apply for admission to U-tad you need to go through a specific admission process. This process includes an interview, documentation submission, application review, and enrollment.

Yes, U-tad has alumni communities on LinkedIn for various disciplines. These communities serve as platforms for alumni to stay connected with professors and classmates.

Yes, U-tad has over 700 internship agreements with companies in Technology, Arts, Design, Animation and Video Games, among other fields. These partnerships facilitate valuable industry connections for students.

The Degree in Digital Design and the Degree in Animation are part of the Art and Humanities area of knowledge. While it’s not mandatory for Digital Design students to have a background in drawing, having artistic interests is essential. During the first year at U-tad, students receive basic training specific to the area.

For Animation students, drawing skills are not mandatory if they pursue the 3D and VFX itinerary, which is not related to the drawing area. However, for the 2D itinerary, solid drawing knowledge is recommended.

Students are required to bring essential consumable materials for the normalized development of their courses. In degrees related to the Art, Animation, and Digital Design areas, U-tad provides common-use materials such as paper, plasticine, clay, canvas, and rigid structures. However, students are responsible for individual-use materials like pencils, charcoals, notebooks, notepads, and burins.

For Animation students, drawing skills are not mandatory if they pursue the 3D and VFX itinerary, which is not related to the drawing area. However, for the 2D itinerary, solid drawing knowledge is recommended.

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