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Camilo Jose Cela University in Spain

Camilo Jose Cela University (UCJC) was founded in 2000 and is the first Spanish university of the 21st century. It is located in Madrid and it has three campuses. From the beginning, UCJC has offered something different, which is why it provides interdisciplinary and flexible education that encourages commitment to social issues and entrepreneurial spirit, which are both essential for the professional future of its students.

The Camilo Jose Cela University educational model is based on three fundamental pillars: innovation, interdisciplinarity, and internationality. UCJC is focused on the student, the teaching, and the knowledge, training students to learn how to operate in any field so they can face any kind of professional challenge.

UCJC Spain - Madrid

This university in Madrid offers Bachelor and Master Degrees in the following fields:

• Education and Health
• Technology and Science
• Communication and Humanities

School Features

DesignLab and LearningLab

DesignLab and LearningLab are spaces with the latest technology, where the most active methodologies are put into practice. These methodologies improve teamwork, critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills.

The Hive

The Hive helps students to develop the most important skills for the professional world. Once they have finished this program the students get a diploma that certifies their skills. This program takes place at the same time as the degree.


Camilo Jose Cela University MediaLab allows the students to create audiovisual projects from the beginning of their degree. The MediaLab has a television set, multimedia rooms with the most advanced software, radio and control equipment, professional photography, and high-resolution recording equipment.

UCJC Sports Club

UCJC Sports Club has more than 140.000 square meters specifically dedicated to the sports world. In these facilities, you will be able to practice plenty of sports.

University Dormitories Camilo Jose Cela

Students from all over the world live at the UCJC dormitories. Living together with them will give you the chance to have an international perspective, practice new languages, and create a worldwide network.

School Location


Camilo Jose Cela University has three campuses.

UCJC Campus Villafranca is located in Madrid's outskirts and it has more than 100.000 square meters. The campus is surrounded by nature and it has modern learning spaces with the last technology, leisure areas, and amazing sports facilities. This campus has 2 dormitories.

UCJC Campus Almagro is inside a historical building in Madrid city center. This campus is the hub of the university's corporate and intellectual activity, where professors, researchers, and professionals share a common goal: academic excellence.

UCJC Campus Goleta Cervantes Saavedra has the Center for Maritime Studies (CEM). This campus is oriented towards research and professional training related to the sea.

Distance to Public Transportation
Walking Time
Alonso Martínez (3 mins)
4, 5, & 10


Official Bachelor Degrees

Camilo Jose Cela University undergraduate degrees have been created with the goal of adapting the students to the professional world. Each Bachelor's Degree has a unique study plan, fit to the relevant market, using a revolutionary methodology in which real projects are carried out.

UCJC offers the following Bachelor Degrees:

• Bachelor's Degree in Digital Arts (bilingual Spanish - English)
• Bachelor's Degree in Science of Physical Activity and Sports
• Bachelor's Degree in Film and Audiovisual Fiction
• Bachelor's Degree in Communication (bilingual Spanish - English)
• Bachelor's Degree in Criminology and Security
• Bachelor's Degree in Law
• Bachelor's Degree in Business and Technology (bilingual Spanish - English)
• Bachelor's Degree in Nursing
• Bachelor's Degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Management
• Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy
• Bachelor's Degree in Urban Management (bilingual Spanish - English)
• Bachelor's Degree in Teacher in Early Childhood Education
• Bachelor's Degree in Primary Education Teacher
• Bachelor's Degree in Pedagogy
• Bachelor's Degree in Protocol and Organization of Events
• Bachelor's Degree in Psychology
• Bachelor's Degree in Creative Advertising
• Bachelor's Degree in Transport and Logistics
• Bachelor's Degree in Degree in Medicine
• Bachelor's Degree in Degree in Dentistry
• Bachelor's Degree in Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics
• Bachelor's Degree in Degree in Biomedicine

All the degrees are taught in Spanish except for those indicated as bilingual.

Course Length

4 years

Available Term starts each Year
  • February
  • September

Total Course Costs

Bachelor's Degree (on average)
9,930€ in total

Note: Please note that every Bachelor Degree has different prices
The academic fees shown above correspond to one academic year.
Contact us here in order to get the exact cost of the Degree you are interested in.


UCJC offers the following graduate degrees:

• Master's Degree in Digital Marketing, Communication and Social Networks
• Master's Degree in Political and Business Communication
• Master's Degree in Neuropsychological Assessment and Rehabilitation
• Master's Degree in Physiotherapy and Readaptation in Sports
• University Master's Degree in Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Education
• Master's Degree in Public Security and Defense Policies
• Master's Degree in Management, Innovation, and Leadership of Educational Centers
• Master's Degree in Early Care
• Master's Degree in Protocol Management, Production, Organization, and Design of Events
• Master's Degree in Access to the Profession of Lawyer
• Master's Degree in Management of Logistics Companies and the Supply Chain
• Master's Degree in Advanced Teaching Competences
• Master's Degree in Secondary Education
• Master's Degree in Cognitive Neuroscience and Education
• Master's Degree in International Education and Bilingualism
• University Master's Degree in the Study of Interventions in Emergencies, Disasters, and International Cooperation
• Master's Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language
• Master's Degree in Exercise and Nutrition for Health
• Master's Degree in Counseling and Psychopedagogical Intervention
• Master's Degree in Integrative Osteopathy
• Master's Degree in General Health Psychology
• Master's Degree in Human Resources: Organization and Management of Talent
• Master's Degree in International Relations and Communication
• Master's Degree in School Health
• Master's Degree in Sexology: Sex Education and Sexological Counseling
• Master's Degree in Digital Technology Applied to Teach Practice
• Master's Degree in Emergency in Mountains and Inhospitable Environments

All Masters are taught in Spanish.

Course Length

≈ 10 months

Available Term starts each Year
  • October
Most master’s degrees start in October and end in May, however, there are some exceptions.

Total Course Costs

Master's Degree (on average)
6,500€ in total

Note: All Masters have different prices.
Contact us here to get the exact price of the program of your interest.


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