Using Gustar with Fruit vocabulary: Spanish Lesson 48

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This is the forty-eighth lesson in our beginner level Spanish course and we are going to practice using gustar (to Like) with Fruit vocabulary in Spanish.

We first introduced El Verbo Gustar in lesson 35 of this course and now we are going to review how to use it with some useful vocabulary related to Fruit. Using gustar is an important skill for every Spanish language student to master. Gustar is conjugated differently to most of the verbs we have been using and it is one of the most commonly used verbs.

When using gustar you should think of things pleasing you and conjugate the verb according to the thing that is pleasing the person. This can be a challenge, especially to the beginner who is just getting their head around conjugating regular verbs.

How to conjugate the verb Gustar

(A mí) Me gusta/n: I like
(A ti) Te gusta/n: You like
(A él/ella) Le gusta/n: He/She likes
(A nosotros/as) Nos gusta/n: We like
(A vosotros/as) Os gusta/n: You like
(A ellos/as) Les gusta/n: They like

Next, let’s see some new useful vocabulary related to Fruit in Spanish:

La manzana: apple
La uva: grape
La sandía: watermelon
El plátano: banana
La fresa: strawberry
La piña: pineapple
El melón: melon
La naranja: orange
El melocotón: peach
La pera: pear
El limón: lemon
El pomelo: grapefruit
El kiwi: kiwi
La lima: lime
El mango: mango
La ciruela: plum
La frambuesa: raspberry
Los frutos del bosque/ La bayas: berries
La grosella: currant
La grosella negra: blackcurrant
La grosella roja: redcurrant
La grosella espinosa: gooseberry
La zarzamora: blackberry
La mora: mullberry
El arándano: blueberry
El arándano rojo: cranberry
La baya del saúco: elderberry
El albaricoque: apricot

using gustar

Next, let’s try using gustar with this new Fruit vocabulary

¿Te gustan las naranjas?: Do you like oranges?
Sí, me gustan mucho las naranjas: Yes I like oranges very much.

¿A tu amigo le gustan las zarzamoras? Does your friend like blackberries?
Sí, a él le gustan mucho las zarzamoras: Yes, he likes blackberries very much.

A nosotros no nos gusta la piña. ¿Tenéis otra fruta?: We don’t like pineapple. Do you have another fruit?
Sí, claro.  A mí no me gusta la piña tampoco. También tenemos frambuesas: Yes, of course. I don’t like pineapple either. We also have raspberries.

¿A vosotros os gustan las peras? Do you like pears?
Las peras están bien pero me gustan más las manzanas: Pears are OK, but we I like apples more.

¿Cuál es tu fruta favorita? ¿Y qué fruta no te gusta nada?: Which is your favorite fruit? And which fruit don’t you like at all?
Mi fruta favorita es la ciruela verde. Y no me gustan nada los arándanos rojos: My favourite fruit is the green plum. And I don’t like cranberries at all.

We hope you find these sentences about using gustar and the new Fruit vocabulary helpful. Don’t put off practicing with Gustar until you master it. It can be tricky at first but it is such a fundamental Spanish verb that the sooner you learn it properly the better!

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