University Studies in English in Spain

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Taking your University Studies in English in Spain is a great way to further your education and broaden your horizons at the same time.

There are many excellent universities all across Spain and by the time you obtain your degree, you will also have had a chance to achieve a high level of Spanish and to truly experience Spain and Spanish culture.

Not all Spanish universities offer courses taught in English, but many do, including Universidad Carlos III De Madrid (UC3M) which offers a range of degree programs in English.

Many Spanish universities also offer courses that are taught in Spanish and English. So don’t think that just because you don’t yet speak Spanish you cannot study in Spain.

You can, and Go! Go! España is here if you require any assistance in organizing your University Studies in English in Spain.

Please get in touch for free support with anything related to studying in Spain.

University Studies in English in Spain

Study in English in Spain

Spain is a beautiful country with a rich and exciting culture, fine weather, and low cost of living.

It is the second most visited country in the world by tourists and Spanish is one of the world’s most widely spoken languages.

But Spain is not just a tourist destination. Spain is much more than a sunny place to drink Rioja and eat tapas.

Spain is also a great place to study with excellent universities, high academic standards, and a well-respected education system.

University Studies in English in Spain are available at three levels: Grado (Bachelor Degree), Máster (Master’s Degree), and Doctorado (Post-Master’s Degree).

Go! Go! España can help you choose a Spanish university and is here to advise you on everything else related to moving to Spain to study such as student visas and getting your qualifications officially recognized in Spain completely for free (no hidden costs)

University Studies in English in Spain

Free support to study in Spain

We can support you through every stage of your adventure and will be very happy to do so.

You can rest assured that we will advise you of all necessary documentation and procedures. The only thing you should be aware of in the first instance is that you can’t leave your application until the last minute if you wish to be successful.

Universities in Spain usually begin the school year in September or October, and finish in June or July.

We recommend that you begin your application process for University Studies in English in Spain around a year in advance.

Study in English in Spain but…learn Spanish too!

So, just to recap, even if you don’t speak Spanish you can come and study in a Spanish university if you wish and there are so many great reasons to do so.

Learning English has been a high priority for Spaniards for many years now so you will be hard-pressed not to find people with whom you can speak in English outside of the time you are studying.

However, we do recommend that you seize an amazing opportunity to learn Spanish by also studying the language and immersing yourself in the culture around you. Y

ou will enjoy your time so much more and learning a foreign language in the native country is always much quicker than learning it from abroad.

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