What’s Go! Go! España and How Can I Study in Spain?

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Are you curious about how to study in Spain or elsewhere abroad but nervous about all the organization it takes?

At Go! Go! World, every minute of our work days are spent working with students from all over the globe to create the perfect study abroad experience.

In fact, Go! Go! World was started after two students studied abroad in Japan and thought, “Wow, that was hard to organize!” With all the hoops to jump through finding a school, a visa and filling out paperwork in another language, it’s no easy task.

That’s why we’re here!

We’re the experts on setting up a study abroad trip, whether you want to study in Spain or elsewhere.

That’s because we’ve already been through it all – more than 6,000 times.

How exactly did we get so good at this? Read on to find out more about how we started helping students study in Spain (and other countries, too).

Where Can Go! Go! World Help Me Study Abroad?

Go! Go! World is an organization with four branches: Go! Go! España (Spain), Go! Go! Nihon (Japan), Go! Go! Hanguk (South Korea) and StudyTrip.com.

All our organizations are connected and we’re a big family of over 50 professional study abroad organizers.

Each of the Go! Go! Country Divisions (España, Nihon, and Hanguk) have their own database full of university, language school, and accommodation contacts.

We use our collective research to help more than 1,000 students study abroad each year according to their particular interests and needs.

You’ll find our team at our physical offices in Madrid, Tokyo, Seoul, and Hong Kong to help our students while abroad.

study in spain
We can help you live and study in Spain!

How Does Go! Go! España Help Me Study in Spain?

Good question! At Go! Go! España, we’ve visited many universities, college preparatory schools, elementary, middle and high schools as well as language schools across the country.

After opening our doors in 2016, we’ve searched across the country to find the best options for our study abroad students.

We’ve put all our contacts and resources into one database to study in Spain and we use it to match you to your perfect experience.

Then, we help you navigate the paperwork you’ll need to move.

The best part is that we don’t charge our students anything for our help (which we offer in several languages)!

Our planning service is totally free – but that’s not all. In fact, Go! Go! España is part of a much bigger organization: Go! Go! World.

We offer help planning a study abroad trip in more countries than just Spain – and all our help is free.

What’s StudyTrip.com?

Maybe you aren’t looking to study in Spain (or elsewhere) for a long time. In that case, you should give StudyTrip.com a look!

Another branch of the Go! Go! World, StudyTrip.com offers short, immersive trips around the world.

We combine short-term language studies in Japan, Spain, and South Korea and pair them with fun-filled activities to provide tons of different, awesome studying vacations.

study abroad
Take a short-term study trip if you can’t commit to a long study abroad program!

Still have questions about living your dream of going to study in Spain? Reach out to us here.

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