Spain is an attractive destination for foreign students. It’s rich culture and history, relaxed lifestyle, low living costs and tuition fees, and high quality education system are all great reasons to Study at the University in Spain.

If you would like to Study at the University in Spain, please get in touch and we will be happy to help you with all stages of your application.

Assuming you already know what you wish to study, the next step is to choose your university. Go! Go! España works closely with many excellent Spanish universities and we can point you in the direction of universities that offer your chosen course. Then it’s a matter of completing relevant forms compiling required documentation, and preparing for entrance exams.

Study at the University in Spain ID

Application Process to Study at the University in Spain

All students will need to submit identity documentation (passport, ID card) and school leaving certificates. And all students from non Spanish speaking countries of origin will need to show official certification of their knowledge of the Spanish language according to the Common European Framework of References for Languages.

The application process to Study at the University in Spain for EU students is quicker than for non EU students. You can apply in April via the Spanish National University of Distance Education (UNED) website and you will find out if your application has been successful within three months.

The application process for non EU students is longer and should be planned further in advance. Depending on specific circumstances it can take up to twelve months and non EU students are required to have their high school certificates officially validated, attain a student visa, and sit entrance exams.


Non EU students are required to have their high school certificates validated by a process known as Homologación (Homologation) which ascertains the level grades are equivalent to in Spanish education. You can organise this in either The Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport or through the Spanish embassy or consulate in your home country. You will need to provide identification documents and high school certificates, complete an application form and pay a small fee.

Student Visas

EU students are not required to have a visa to Study at the University in Spain. Non EU students who are planning to study in Spain for longer than ninety days need to organise a student visa and it takes four to eight weeks to process this application. If you would like any assistance at all in applying for a student visa, please get in touch. Go! Go! España partners with a Spanish immigration lawyer that can apply for the Student Visa on your behalf.

Entrance Exams

Non EU students are also required to sit exams to be accepted into a Spanish University. There are two types of entrance exams to Study at the University in Spain, PCE and EBAU. Some universities ask their students to sit the PCE exams and others the EBAU exams. It is necessary to check with your university of choice and find out which entrance exam they require.