Spanish Courses at the Autonomous University of Barcelona

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Ah, Barcelona! Home of the Sagrada Familia, 34 Michelin-starred restaurants, and one of the most popular soccer teams in the world.

With so much going for the city, it’s no wonder international students flock to Barcelona to continue their education.

So if you’ve been looking at the Spanish courses at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona), one of the best Universities in Spain, look no further.

We’ve done the hard work for you and gathered all the key information about their courses here.

So let’s look at those courses in more detail:


What Types of Spanish Courses at the Autonomous University of Barcelona are Available?


Intensive Spanish Courses at Autonomous University of Barcelona

Do you only have a limited time to study? Or do you want to improve your Spanish quickly? All while being immersed in the language and culture?

If that sounds good, then a great choice will be to learn Spanish at the Autonomous University of Barcelona on one of their intensive courses.

These courses offer the chance for international students of similar levels to work together on a program of study.

What’s more, the intensive courses are as short as 1 week. So if you want to dip your feet into Spanish language learning or brush up on your existing skills.

Or, choose a longer intensive course depending on what CEFR level you wish to obtain.

Each CEFR level is covered by the intensive courses, levels A1 to B2, which take 1 month of study (80 hours). And these Spanish courses at the UAB run all year from Monday to Friday.

Intensive Course Length and Costs:

Course Length    Course Cost
1 Week 250 € per month
1 – 3 Months 960 € per month
4 Months or more      920 € per month


The teaching is classroom-based. But you’ll get to practice your language skills when you’re out and about in the beautiful city.


Extensive Spanish Courses at the Autonomous University of Barcelona

Extensive Spanish Courses at the Autonomous University of Barcelona are perfect for international learners. This includes Erasmus students, who are starting their Spanish language (Spanish Idiomes) learning journey.

These extensive courses cover CEFR levels A1 and A2 and are taught part-time. You can expect to learn in the evening, twice a week. This is to fit around your other studies, work placement, or leisure activities.

What’s more, you can choose to study one level or continue on to level A2 after completing the first over three terms.

As well as this, tutors conduct teaching activities inside and outside of the classroom. And you’ll be supported with a range of multimedia materials to keep your learning fresh.

Extensive Spanish Course Details:

Student Type Course Cost
Erasmus Students   325 € per term / 925 € per course
UAB Alumni 345 € per term/ 975 € per course
New Students 365 € per term / 1,025 € per course


Of course, the part-time approach to study also means you’ll have plenty of time to try out your Spanish as you go about your day.

Spanish Courses at UAB


Pre-sessional Spanish Language Courses (CPUE)

Are you intending to study as an undergraduate or for a Master’s degree in Spain? If so, Pre-sessional Spanish Courses at the Autonomous University of Barcelona are ideal.

It’s intended for students who need to make sure their Spanish is at the standard needed to complete advanced studies in Spain.

Pre-sessional courses are tailor-made for the needs of individual students. They cover beginner-level studies or for those with more experience in speaking Spanish.

These courses are created with Business Spanish in mind or for a specific Spanish language need.

If you want a tailored course for DELE examination preparation or to complement other language courses, this is the one to go for.

Pre-sessional Course Length and Costs:

Because the courses are designed around individual needs, the length of study and the costs are by quotation.

Importantly, these courses are taught in Spanish or in English as the lead teaching language – it’s your choice!


Español Plus Course at Autonomous University of Barcelona

There are times when our learning needs a bit of a boost. Luckily, Español Plus Spanish courses at the Autonomous University of Barcelona were designed exactly for those times.

Importantly, the Español Plus courses are complementary so you’d need to be taking another Spanish course at UAB to enrol.

And, taking one of these courses will reinforce your learning to make sure you reach your required CEFR or certification level.

The course of study combines face-to-face with other styles of learning.

Español Plus Course Length and Costs:

Course Length Course Costs
40 hours 190 €


Perfect Your Spanish Course

If you love to learn face-to-face, the Perfect Your Spanish courses at the Autonomous University of Barcelona will be perfect.

And, they are designed with DELE or SIELE students particularly in mind. You could also consider taking this course if you intend to take an undergraduate or master’s degree in Spain.

The course is divided into 4 main disciplines: Writing, Speaking, Listening comprehension, and an introduction to academic Spanish.

Perfect your Spanish Course Length and Cost:

Course Length   Course Costs
80 Hours (20 hours/week) Upon Enquiry


Tailor-made Programs For Groups

If you are part of a business or educational establishment looking for a Spanish language course designed specifically for you then the Autonomous University of Barcelona can accommodate you.

Courses are general or specific to the field of interest of the students.

Some tailored course examples are:

  • Business Spanish
  • Spanish for Tourism
  • Academic Writing in Spanish
  • Language Strategies in Hispanic Business Environments

The UAB create courses to suit the needs of each group and these are adaptable to a specific length of study or budget.


University Access Spanish Courses (CAU)

UAB in collaboration with Beijing Zhongxiqiao Education in China designed the University Access Spanish Courses.

These courses are specifically for Chinese international students who want to continue their studies in Spain.

It’s an intensive course where students learn to communicate fluently in different environments and registers.

Costs and details for this course are available from the University on request.


Bildungsurlaub Courses

German industry allows their employees a week every year for independent study.

So, if this applies to you, UAB runs a course specifically for you. If you have a specific CEFR level you want to reach, this is an intensive course to help you get there.

Lessons can be taken in a group and privately. Courses run over one week at various times throughout the year.

Bildungsurlaub Course Costs:

Course Length Course Costs
Intensive course 20 h + 5 h private lessons (25h) 375 €
Intensive course 20 h +10 h private lessons (30h) 450 €


How Is My Spanish Course Assessed at the Autonomous University of Barcelona?

Tutors assess students for the duration of their course. Or, depending on which course you take, you could be expected to take an examination or test at the end of your program of study. Or a test at the end of the course.

Certification of attendance is provided for certain courses or when you complete any of the CEFR levels. These are also ratified by the prestigious Instituto Cervantes.

If you have chosen to take additional examinations such as the DELE or SIECLE tests then you will expect a certification on passing. This certificate is proof of proficiency in Spanish.

And, it’s worth noting that many of the UAB Spanish courses are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR).

Each course will cater for the CEFR level you’re at when you begin studying.


Everyone needs a little help sometimes. And if you do, you can contact us here. We’ll be glad to help you enrol on the course of your choice.

Or we can help with any queries you have about how to study Spanish at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

And, if you’d like to know more about learning Spanish at University in Spain you can find out more information here and here. Or drop us a message.

The Go! Go! España team are always here to help!

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