Renting a Villa in Spain in 2024

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Did you know that 4.8 million tourists visited Spain in January 2024?

It’s no wonder Spain sees such large numbers of travelers throughout the year.  A highly popular travel destination, Spain houses some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, amazing architecture, and unrivaled food and wine.

If you count yourself among these numbers and have thought about extending your stay, you might’ve looked at renting a villa in Spain.

What are the need-to-know steps for finding a property to rent in Spain?

If you’re looking at renting a villa, Go! Go! España has a handy accommodation finder you can use for support when starting your search.

We’ll also provide some additional suggestions as to the best websites you can use to book your villa rental.

Renting a villa in Spain doesn’t have to be a far-off dream.

You can get started on your journey today with our handy guide for renting a villa in Spain!

Renting a Villa in Spain – Where to Book

There are numerous websites available for you to look through when it comes to renting in Spain.

While popular booking websites like Airbnb and Vrbo are frequently used, they aren’t the only options available to travelers today.

We’ll explore a few options for you to visit in your search for your next holiday or long-term villa!

Options for Finding Rentals in Spain

One of the most popular websites you can use to book your next villa rental is

Idealista provides multiple criteria options for travelers to search for accommodation.

On their site, you can search by property type, price, and even neighborhood!

Idealista is an excellent choice for travelers hoping to comb through a wide variety of villa options from trusted sources.

The site also offers the option for both English and Spanish speakers to navigate their website, making it easy for travelers to book their next rental.

Another great website for booking a holiday villa is

This user-friendly website has an extensive database of villa rentals to comb through!

Search through filters like price, property type, and neighborhood to find your ideal stay.

Here at Go! Go! España as well, our accommodation finder provides another great avenue for finding your next holiday villa rental.

We can help you sift through the necessary details to find the right fit for you.

Whether you’re searching for villas to rent in Costa del Sol or searching through Marbella villas to rent, we’ve got you covered!

villa renting ibiza

Things to Keep in Mind When Renting a Villa in Spain

One of the more important items to keep top of mind when renting a villa in Spain is the length of stay or time you plan to rent for.

Many non-EU citizens staying for extended periods of time are limited per visa regulations.

For general visa holders, the Schengen Zone specifically has a 90-day maximum limit.

Apart from considering your length of stay, keeping on top of your budget is equally important.

Villa prices will understandably vary depending on factors like location and size of property.

Consider the overall cost of the size of villa you’d like to rent, as well as its relative location to things like restaurants or the city center.

A final item of importance is to read previous guest reviews!

While it can be tempting to book the first place you set eyes on, its important to ensure the villa you rent is offered through a reputable, reliable company such as the suggestions we’ve outlined above.

So, now that you’ve considered what are some of the recommended locations for a holiday villa rental?

Renting a Villa in Spain – Recommended Areas

From the exciting beaches of Ibiza to the glittering waters of Marbella, Spain truly has it all.

When searching for the perfect place to book your next rental, here are a few suggestions for the best locations to explore in Spain.


If you’re looking for villas to rent in Mallorca, you’re likely already aware of Mallorca’s beautiful landscape.

Mallorca is Spain’s largest island and got its name from the Latin phrase insula major, or simply, larger island.

Mallorca is known for gorgeous Spanish architecture and a stunning coastline.

Furthermore, Mallorca generally averages upwards of 300 days of sunshine each year!

If you’re deciding on a location for your next villa rental, Mallorca provides an excellent respite for travelers looking for a Mediterranean adventure.


Ibiza is also known for being sunny almost year-round and is Spain’s third largest island.

While it’s a beautiful Mediterranean destination, Ibiza is most well-known for its nightclubs and fun, party atmosphere.

If you’re searching for shimmering nightlife balanced out by beautiful countryside, Ibiza is the stop for you.

No need to enter ‘villa renting Ibiza’ into your search bar anymore.

Simply check out any of the websites listed above and you’ll be able to narrow down your next villa location to enjoy plenty of sunny days and warm nights in Ibiza.


A good middle-ground between lively Ibiza and idyllic Mallorca is the beautiful town of Marbella.

Once a quiet fishing village, Marbella now hosts plenty of lively late-night bars and clubs for travelers from around the world.

It also boasts 24 different beaches to explore.

In addition, Marbella has a vibrant old town which has preserved much of its traditional Andalusian villas and Moorish estates.

There are plenty of Marbella villas to rent if you’re in the mood for exploring a wide variety of historic buildings and pristine beaches.

Costa del Sol

More inclined to head for Southern waters? You might be seeking villas to rent in Costa del Sol!

Southern Spain has some of the most gorgeous beaches around.

Known as Spain’s “Sunshine Coast” this area has plenty to offer hopeful villa-goers in terms of sun and sand.

Costa del Sol gets arguably the most amount of sun with over 320 days of sunshine each year (truly living up to its translated name coast of the sun!)

This area of Spain is well known for its fresh seafood and excellent tapas.

From the fresh food to its rich history, this area of Spain is great for travelers interested in Spain’s authentic Andalusian customs.

food in Spain


Looking for a slightly different landscape than turquoise waters and white sand beaches?

Lanzarote is the perfect destination when searching for a location when renting a villa in Spain.

This Spanish island is part of the Canary Islands, which are located off the cost of Morocco.

Lanzarote still has plenty of gorgeous beaches to explore – some of which are black sand beaches!

However, Lanzarote’s volcanic landscape is what truly makes it stand out as a destination when looking for a property to rent in Spain.

Home to Timanfaya National Park, Lanzarote boasts an almost lunar landscape for travelers to explore.

The national park was born from a series of volcanic eruptions but now provides an otherworldly landscape for travelers to bike, hike, and explore.

Average Prices of Holiday Villas in Spain

The average price point when looking at villas to rent will understandably vary depending on where you end up.

Prefer more of an upscale locale with a private chef included?

You might be budgeting for a stay anywhere from £6,400 to £9,000 per week.

Perhaps you prefer a beach side location. Or, maybe you’re looking at villas to rent in Costa del Sol with a private pool.

You might want to budget for a stay of £1,900 per week.

However, plenty of villas are available at an affordable price. You simply need to first figure out how much you’re willing to budget for overall rent.

For example, villas in Marbella are generally more affordable than villa stays in Ibiza.

Alternately, villas in Lanzarote will typically run more affordably than villas in Mallorca.

To estimate an average price point, you will want to consider certain factors i.e.:

  • Location
  • Length of stay
  • Preferred amenities
  • Views from the rental
  • Utility prices

Your average price will be entirely dependent on which area you stay in and which amenities you absolutely require for your stay.

In addition, your average price point will also depend on how many people will be traveling with you.

For example, luxury villa in Marbella clocks in at €4,500 per month.

The villa rental is for a 5-bedroom, 4-bath property.

If you’re traveling with family or friends, that equates to about €900 per month split 5 ways.

Not bad for a luxury villa located in a gorgeous area of Spain.

Villas’ Common Features

Depending on where you end up renting, the features that your villa comes equipped with will vary.

However, there are some features most villas tend to have in common.

For example, villa style homes tend to be more secluded and are designed to offer more privacy than a hotel or traditional home.

They are also typically fully furnished upon arrival.

Some features and amenities that might differ during your stay include things like:

  • Included parking
  • Outdoor gardens
  • Air conditioning
  • Pets on premises
  • Private swimming pool
  • Terraces
  • Energy efficient
  • Multiple floors

For some travelers, a major draw to their stay is a close location to beautiful Spanish beaches.

Alternately, some travelers prefer a gorgeous view outside the bedroom window.

Luckily, no matter where in Spain you end up renting a villa, you’ll be able to experience the gorgeous landscape of Spain surrounding you.

renting a villa in Spain

Spain’s Rental Legislation

As with any other country, renting a property means you’ll need to sign a legal contract with a landlord or manager.

In Spain, tenants who rent retain considerable rights. Ultimately, tenants benefit from Spanish legislation that protects the relationship between tenant and landlord.

It should be noted that landlords in Spain do have an obligation to register their tenants with the authorities.

Furthermore, tenants are required to submit proof that they will be able to support the cost of renting a villa during their stay.

Potential tenants do also have the option to negotiate the rent they will be paying during their stay.

Typically, utilities and other miscellaneous costs are included as part of the overall rental contract.

Some villa rentals require a deposit for holiday stays but require no contract.

Depending on the company, you’ll be asked for different qualifying information i.e.:

  • References
  • Ability to pay rent
  • One- or two-month deposit

Things to Remember Before Renting a Villa in Spain

After you’ve decided on the location of your villa rental, you’ll want to be sure to take the following steps:

  • Choose two or three backup choices
  • Have your documentation ready
  • Confirm if utilities are included
  • Confirm visa requirements

Documents needed to rent a villa typically include bank statements or employment contracts, your NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjero) and your passport information.

In addition, you’ll want to clarify how long you are looking at renting a villa in Spain.

Many short-term rentals might cost slightly higher in terms of monthly rent but come equipped fully furnished and with all utilities included.

Regardless of your budget, keep in mind that short-term villa rental contracts (contratos de arrendamiento de tempora) will generally have different requirements than longer-term contracts (contratos de arriendo de vivienda).

Ready to Start Renting a Villa in Spain?

Whether you’re searching for a short-term, luxury villa in the Costa del Sol, or a longer-term stay in the unusual landscape of Lanzarote, there is truly something for everyone.

We recommend using Go! Go! España’s accommodation finder to start off your search.

We’re here to provide expert accommodation guidance for renting properties in Spain.

Alternately, and offer excellent databases for your villa rental search as well.

No more scrolling through endless search pages after typing in obscure searches like ‘Lanzarote villa holidays’ or ‘villa renting in Ibiza.’

From pristine beaches to bustling city centers, we comb through the wide variety of accommodation options available in Spain.

We can help save you stress of finding your next ideal rental. Leaving you time to plan for things like excursions, beach days, or exciting restaurants you’re looking forward to trying.

No matter the area you choose, renting a villa in Spain provides a wide range of opportunities to explore the beautiful country and all that it offers.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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