How to Find Accommodation in Barcelona

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alojamiento en Barcelona

Barcelona is made up of a rich tapestry of different neighborhoods.

From the popular seaside area of Barceloneta to the lively nightlife of Eixample, knowing where to find accommodation in Barcelona can be tricky, let alone how.

If navigating the Barcelona rental industry has you worried, we’re here to put your mind at ease.

Whether you’re a new student headed to Barcelona, or you’ve got a new remote work contract in the city, we’ve gathered a few helpful websites you can refer to during your housing search.

Looking to rent a home in Barcelona?

This guide will help you find the perfect place that fits your budget and preferred location.   

The Best Websites to Find Accommodation in Barcelona

There’s so much to see and do in Barcelona. It’s no wonder that it’s one of the most visited cities in the world!

Add to your travel checklist ‘finding a long-term apartment’? It might seem daunting at first, but with a little preparation you’ll be able to find your next home in no time!

One of the most straightforward ways to begin your search is to utilize online resources.

The availability of online rental websites has expanded dramatically in the past few years, allowing renters to search by budget, location, type, fully furnished flats, and more.

Rather than dig through the myriad of options available, here’s our list of helpful accommodation websites to find a house in Barcelona for rent.

accommodation in Barcelona


Spotahome is a great option for those looking for medium to long-term rentals in Barcelona.

If you’re not sure which neighborhood within Barcelona you want to stay in longer term, Spotahome is great for trying out a variety of rental types.

Their catalogue includes full apartments, rooms, studios, and even student housing.

Spotahome works entirely online, with all bookings completed through their booking platform.

Crunched for time? No need to complete in-person viewings with Spotahome.

The platform allows prospective renters the option to view properties online through video and photos, ask questions, and book a rental, all within one visit!


There is a reason Idealista consistently makes the list of great websites to use when trying to find accommodation.

Idealista has a large catalogue of properties all throughout Spain, with nearly 6,000 listings in Barcelona alone.

From students to remote workers, Idealista is an ideal choice for those looking to rent accommodation in Barcelona.

It has a wide range of properties available, with the ability to filter by property type, minimum or maximum price, type of home, and more.

Idealista even has a map feature that allows you to zoom in on the listings throughout Barcelona to get a bird’s eye view of what sites a home might be located near!


Fotocasa is another excellent property website with plenty of rental listings.

Fotocasa’s catalogue of listings is one of the largest in Spain.

Renters can search by specific provinces throughout Barcelona, sort by price, as well as number of preferred rooms.

The website offers listings for both homes and apartments, which makes Fotocasa a great choice for renters hoping to share a space.

Some of the listings even offer a virtual tour, so you can check out the space from the comfort of your computer!


Don’t mind sharing a home with others?

Homestays are a fantastic option for travelers and students alike.

Not to mention, staying with a family in Barcelona is an excellent way to be completely immersed in life in Spain.

You’ll likely learn Spanish more quickly, save some money on rent, and have a trusted family on hand to help guide you through life in Barcelona.

Homestay is a great site for matching renters with home stays, as well as room rentals, in Barcelona.

Host families provide a base for renters in areas throughout Barcelona, including Gracià, Eixample, and more.

Simply sort by your desired “check in” date, enter a price range, and browse through the hundreds of listings that come up.

If you’re traveling with a pet, there are even some listings available for “pet friendly” rentals!

accommodation in Barcelona

More Ways to Find Accommodation in Barcelona

Apartment Barcelona

Local rental agencies like Apartment Barcelona can be helpful for those who aren’t exactly sure what they’re looking for.

Agencies have the advantage of knowing all about short, medium, and long-term rentals, as well as which areas of Barcelona have openings that fit your criteria.

Potential renters can look through hundreds of listings with options to rent by the days, weeks, or months.


If you’re just arriving in Barcelona and want a short-term place to stay while you search for a longer-term rental, Blueground might be the right option for you.

Blueground offers fully furnished apartments for short-term stays.

You can search by neighborhood, price range, and more.

Neighborhoods in Blueground’s catalogue include:

  • Ciutat Vella
  • Gracià
  • Eixample
  • Les Corts
  • Sant Martí
  • Sarrià San Gervasi
  • Sants Montjuïc

Blueground also offers online bookings, making it a great option for those relocating to Barcelona from a different city. As an added bonus, utilities are set up prior to your arrival.


Habitaclia is one of the best rental websites to find a place in Barcelona.

It’s a web portal that offers a variety of Spanish rental agency listings.

Habitaclia’s head offices are located in Barcelona, and there are thousands of rental listings to browse through.

Renters can sort by specific zones throughout Barcelona, including Citutat Vella, Les Corts, Nou Barris, and more.

Looking for accommodation in Barcelona city centre? Habitaclia has you covered.

Renters can also filter listings by characteristics such as whether the place has a garden, a swimming pool, whether it is furnished, or if it’s near public transportation.

With its large catalogue of listings and easy-to-use website, we couldn’t get away without adding Habitaclia to our list of places to find accommodation in Barcelona.

flats to rent in barcelona

Going Offline to Find Accommodation in Barcelona

If you’ve got some extra time on your hands, another way to find flats to rent in Barcelona is to ask the locals!

If you happen to have a short-term place to stay that allows you to really dig in to what kind of place you want, use that time as leverage.

Staying a week or two in a specific neighborhood before committing to a new place?

Use that time to ask your neighbors and the people around you if they know of any places that are renting.

Not to mention, asking around is a great way to brush up on your Spanish speaking skills!

One final tip is to keep in mind what time of year you’re searching for accommodation.

With over a million people residing in the city, with millions more that come to visit each year, time of year can make or break your housing search.

For example, the summer months are usually teeming with tourists, so it might be more difficult to find open listings while you’re there.

Ready to Find Your Next Apartment in Barcelona?

Barcelona is brimming with things to do.

By finding accommodation as soon as possible, you’ll have more free time to enjoy all that the city has to offer!

No need to spend endless hours using a search engine with terms like ‘rent house Barcelona’ or ‘Barcelona rent apartment long term’ just to find a rental.

Use any of the websites above, and you’ll have keys in hand in no time.

If you would prefer some extra direction, Go! Go! España provides direct support with our accommodation finder!

We hope this article has provided you with a few helpful tips on how to find houses for rent in Barcelona Spain.

Already have your eye on a place? Let us know in the comments what you’re looking forward to most after you’ve settled in!

Should I choose a short-term or a long-term rental in Barcelona?

Whether you choose to stay in a short-term or long-term rental depends entirely on your personal needs! If you’re still getting comfortable with the various neighborhoods in Barcelona, and you’re not sure where you want to stay long-term, a short-term rental might just be the perfect fit for you. However, if you’ve fallen in love with a neighborhood in Barcelona, and prefer to stay there, a long-term rental contract might be the way to go.

Which area is the best area in Barcelona to stay?

The “best” area will depend entirely on your preferences. Barcelona has a wide range of neighborhoods, each with its own set of charms. Don’t mind the high-energy, tourist heavy areas? La Rambla might be perfect for you! Do you prefer a seaside view? Barceloneta is the way to go. Do some research before settling on a location, and you’ll find the best fit for you.

Best way to find accommodation in Barcelona?

Compile a list of areas you’d prefer to stay in before diving in to any of the numerous online listing resources available. There are also accommodation finders or rental agencies available for those who prefer to sit back and leave the house hunting to the professionals.

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