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Selectividad school in Barcelona

Academy Guiu is a College Preparatory school in Barcelona founded in 1892 by Manuel Guiu Casanova, author of several Mathematics books. The school created a unique Pathway Program for the Spanish University Entry Exam (EBAU) in 1983, becoming a pioneer school at a national level in this field. In 1991, the school created the first courses for international students with equivalent High School studies.

Academy Guiu has more than 40 highly qualified teachers with plenty of experience teaching to foreign and national students. The school guarantee that the students that are willing to work will obtain the results they are expecting, 9 out of 10 school's students reach their goals. This College Preparatory school in Barcelona develops all its programs specifically tailored to the students' knowledge and availability.


There are more than 70 universities in Spain, more than 50 are public and the rest are private. Spanish universities are distributed all over the country, but the largest and most important cities having the highest number of universities are Madrid and Barcelona. All the universities in Spain accept international students, in a wide range of degrees and postgraduate studies. Academia Guiu is the best college preparatory school in Barcelona and it will help you pass the Selectividad exam and access the university in Spain of your choice.

School Features


The exam of selectivity, since 2018 is called EBAU (Evaluation of the Baccalaureate for the Access to the University), and is a written test that is done by the students who wish to access to university studies in public and private universities of Spain and Europe.

The purpose of the EBAU is to assess the academic maturity, knowledge, and skills acquired during the baccalaureate in each of the countries. This exam gives 40% of the total access grade, while the remaining 60% is obtained from the average of the last two years of High School.

Depending on the average grade obtained you will be able to choose the university career that you want to study, the higher is the grade, the higher is the priority to choose. Also, the cut-off grade is the minimum that is used to access a particular degree. This grade varies from year to year and is different according to the university and career.

The exam is held at the official UNED headquarters in each province, usually during the first week of June. During the first week of September, the second extraordinary session takes place (which the student can also take if they have not passed the first or they want to improve their grade).

Academia Guiu, the best college preparatory school in Barcelona, will help you enroll and pass the EBAU exam.

Homologation of Studies

The school will take care of the recognition (in Spanish: Homologation) of your studies on your behalf. Homologation is a bureaucratic procedure by which the Ministry of Education of Spain officially states that the level of high school in Spain is equivalent to the studies taken in your country. Your studies must be approved by the Ministry of Education of Spain in order to be admitted as an international student in a Spanish university.

University pre-registration

The university pre-registration procedure in Spain can be complicated for foreigners, however students don’t need to worry about it, the school has plenty of experience dealing with the Spanish university registration and they can take care of it on the student’s behalf.

Guardianship Certificate

The school can offer a Guardianship certificate for minors. The legal guardian must be located in Spain. He has to write a letter confirming his personal details stating that he will be responsible for the minor during his stay in Spain. Students under 18 years old need this certificate in order to get a Student Visa to study in Spain.

University Pathway + Spanish Lessons Course

In order to start the Academia Guiu pathway program, students must have at least a B1 level of Spanish be able to fully understand all the lessons of every subject, that’s why the school also offers Spanish courses (ELE) that can be taken before the University Pathway courses (EBAU/UNED).


School Location

College Preparatory School in Barcelona

Barcelona has 12 prestigious and internationally renowned universities in which you will feel at home thanks to the international student assistance offices. If the university you are interested in is outside of Catalonia, from Barcelona you can access any Spanish university. Academia Guiu will support you in choosing the university and degree in Spain that best fit your needs.

Barcelona is a multilingual and multicultural city, hence the exceptional adaptation wherever you are coming from. The city hosts one of the largest university communities in southern offer Europe, having more than 758 university degrees and more than 700 master's and postgraduate programs, and it is also at the forefront of international research and development, having 15 science and technology parks.

Academia Guiu is located in 2 different buildings in the locations in the city center, Aragó (headquarters) and Rambla Catalunya.

Distance to Public Transportation
Walking Time
Passeig de Gràcia (4 mins)
L2, L3 & L4


Selectividad Courses

In order to get access to a degree program at a university in Spain, international students must pass university access entrance exams (EBAU/UNED). This College Preparatory school in Barcelona offers three University Pathway Programs for international students (via EBAU/UNED) along the year, all of them available for the paths of sciences and humanities. Academia Guiu also offers a combination of these courses with Spanish lessons (ELE):

• EBAU/UNED 1 (9 months)
• EBAU/UNED 2 (6 months)
• EBAU/UNED 3 (5 months)
• ELE1 + EBAU/UNED 1 (13 months)
• ELE1 Summer + EBAU/UNED 1 (11 months)
• ELE2 + EBAU/UNED 2 (8 months)
• ELE3 + EBAU/UNED 3 (8 months)

Available Term starts each Year
  • January
  • May
  • July
  • October


EBAU/UNED 1 (October to June)
EBAU/UNED 2 (January to June)
EBAU/UNED 3 (May to September)
ELE1 + EBAU/UNED 1 (May to May)
ELE1 Summer + EBAU/UNED 1 (Jul to May)
ELE2 + EBAU/UNED 2 (Oct to May)
ELE3 + EBAU/UNED 3 (Jan to Sep)






This Academia Guiu timetable is for guidance only and may vary depending on the chosen course

Total Course Costs

4,400€ in total
2,900€ in total
2,450€ in total
6,900€ in total
ELE1 Summer + EBAU/UNED 1
6,300€ in total
4,800€ in total
4,950€ in total

Note: The academic fees shown above include the following services:


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