College Preparatory School in Valencia

Costa de Valencia

Costa de Valencia is a College Preparatory school in Valencia dedicated to teaching since 1995.

With an unbeatable location, right in the university district of Valencia, the school offers foreign students who wish to enter university a preparation course for the Spanish University Entry Exam. This course prepares the students to pass the official Spanish National Exams for accessing the university in Spain.

Costa de Valencia provides a personalized follow-up that favors the evolution of the student. This College Preparatory school in Valencia can carry this methodology thanks to the work in small groups. Since Costa de Valencia is also a Spanish language school their teaching method is also adapted to non-native speakers.

Costa de Valencia is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes and is also an Official Cambridge Exam Preparation Center. These recognitions guarantee high-quality classes, taught by qualified teachers with extensive teaching experience.

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Costa de Valencia

School's Location

College Preparatory School in Valencia

Valencia is a beautiful Spanish city, inexpensive when compared to other Spanish cities. The city is located in the east of Spain, right in front of the Mediterranean sea. It has a pleasant climate with an average temperature of 22 degrees.

Valencia is very well located inside Spain being at the same distance of Madrid and Barcelona, making it very easy to visit any of the major cities in Spain while living in a cheaper and calmer area.

Costa de Valencia is located in the university district, very close to the public universities of Valencia, the European University and ESIC.

Rubén Darío (1 min)

Lines 30, 31, 71, 81 & 89

College Preparatory School in Valencia

Costa de Valencia

University system in Spain

There are more than 80 universities in Spain, about 50 are public and the rest are private. All the universities in Spain offer a wide range of Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees, open to international students.

The universities in Spain are placed all over the country. Valencia has 4 major universities; the University of Valencia, Polytechnic University, Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera, and the Universidad Católica San Vicente Mártir Valencia.

Costa de Valencia is the best college preparatory school in Valencia and it will provide the support you need to pass the Spanish university access exam.

School features

Spanish university entrance exam for international students

The university access exam (PCE/EBAU) is a written test required for foreign students who wish to enroll in a Spanish university

The exam is made up of a minimum of 4 subjects, 2 specifics (depend on the modality chosen, sciences or humanities), and 2 general. The exam results will be considered in the admission procedures by the Spanish universities, the higher the grade, the more chances you will have to study the degree of your choice.

The maximum mark is 14 points, 10 from a maximum of 60% that comes from the last two years of baccalaureate and 40% from the average of the marks obtained in the university access exam (PCE/EBAU).

The exam usually takes place between the last week of May and the first week of June. In order to take the exam, students need to apply for it on the UNEDassis platform.

Homologation of studies

All the non-EU students need to recognize their high school studies in Spain, a procedure called homologation in Spanish. The studies must be approved by the Ministry of Education of Spain in order to get admission to a university in Spain.

University pre-registration

The school offers an additional service of assistance to help the students with the university pre-registration procedure.

Guardianship certificate

Costa de Valencia is able to provide a Minor Guardianship Certificate, a requirement for individuals under 18 seeking a Student Visa to study in Spain. To obtain this certificate, the legal guardian must be physically present in Spain and submit a written declaration confirming their personal information, as well as their commitment to oversee and be responsible for the minor throughout their stay in Spain.

University access & Spanish lessons courses

Costa de Valencia requires a minimum level of Spanish of B1 (Common European Framework of Reference) in order to join the university access exam preparatory course. Students with a lower Spanish level can take intensive Spanish lessons at Costa de Valencia until they reach the necessary level.

Quarterly mock exams

Costa de Valencia organizes university access mock exams every quarter in order to better prepare the students for the real exams.

Costa de Valencia

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Costa de Valencia

College preparatory school in Valencia


International students must pass the Spanish university access entrance exams (PCE/EBAU/UNED) in order to access a public university in Spain.

This College Preparatory school in Valencia offers several preparatory courses for international students, all of the courses are available for the sciences and humanities paths.

Costa de Valencia also offers these courses combined with Spanish lessons (ELE) for the students that still need to improve their Spanish level:

• PCE/EBAU 1 (9 months)
• PCE/EBAU 2 (6 months)
• ELE 1 + PCE/EBAU 2 (3 months + 6 months)
• ELE 1 + PCE/EBAU 1 (3 months + 9 months)
• ELE 2 + PCE/EBAU 2 (6 months + 6 months)

The standard PCE/EBAU course has a duration of 9 months. It is possible to join the PCE/EBAU 2 only with the approval of the Head of Studies

Available starts

January, June and October


• PCE/EBAU 1 (Oct to Jun)
• PCE/EBAU 2 (Jan to Jun)
• ELE 1 + PCE/EBAU 2 (Oct to Jan + Jan to Jun)
• ELE 1 + PCE/EBAU 1 (Jun to Oct + Oct to Jun)
• ELE 2 + PCE/EBAU 2 (Jun to Jan + Jan to Jun)

Schedule (weekdays)

09:30 to 13:30

Course hours per week ≈ 20


Total course costs











The prices provided above are for reference purposes only. 

Disclaimer: Prices in currencies other than euro are estimated based on the latest exchange rates.

The academic fees include the following services for the PCE/EBAU courses:

• Educational materials (student books, exercise books, textbooks, photocopies, etc.) throughout the course.
• Welcome folder with school information and tourist information about the city of Valencia.
• Oral and written proficiency test before the start of classes.
• Ongoing monitoring of learning progress.
• Final attendance certificate indicating the number of hours attended, participation in activities, achieved level, and covered content.
• Participation in the weekly and weekend recreational and sociocultural activities program (excluding transportation, consumption, and entrance fees).
• Free access to the Internet and Wi-Fi in all facilities.
• Book lending service from our library.
• 24-hour emergency phone during your stay.

Costa de Valencia

Frequently asked questions

The maximum score for university access is 14 points. Ten points are awarded based on a weighted average of your academic grades (up to 60%), and the remaining 40% is based on the average of your scores in the four University Entrance Exams.

Non-EU students need to have their previous studies recognized as equivalent to Spanish high school (bachillerato), a process called “homologation”. Additionally, they must take the University Entrance Exams, which include two general subjects and two specific subjects based on their chosen academic track.

The preparation course at Costa de Valencia is designed to help foreign students prepare for the University Entrance Exams. It offers personalized instruction and support to students, regardless of their initial proficiency level.

Yes, you need at least a B1 level of Spanish according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). If you don’t meet this requirement, you can take an intensive Spanish course at Costa de Valencia.

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