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We bet you never dreamed that you could study at an ancient university, in a city that is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and was the home of the famous writer of Don Quixote,  Miguel de Cervantes.

But if you choose one of the University of Alcala Spanish Courses, that dream can come true.

What’s more, the University itself can date its charter back to 1293. T

he university buildings were built in the Middle Ages, so you’ll feel immersed in Alcala’s history from your very first day.

And as the city keeps the University very much at its heart, it’s geared up to accommodate students in every way.

If you’re looking for short-term accommodation, there’s plenty.

If you’re on a budget (what student isn’t?), food prices are low and dining out is inexpensive, too.

However, it’s not just the city that is tempting.

Alcala University’s language school, Alcalingua, have a great range of Spanish language courses to choose from.

So let’s dive in to look at the options:

What University of Alcala Spanish Courses Can I Take?

If you’d like to learn Spanish at the University of Alcala, you’ll find the information you need to pick the right course.

And remember, if you need any help with enrollment the Go! Go! España team are here for you.

Spanish Language Courses at the University of Alcala

If learning or perfecting your Spanish language skills is your aim, consider enrolling on a pure Language Course. 

All Alcalingua Spanish courses help you reach your language goals. But this course is the most language targeted.

And, the language school prides itself on making your language learning a ‘real-life’ experience.

Alcalingua wants to encourage effective communication inside and outside of the classroom.

So, this means you’ll be able to communicate effectively while you’re in Spain. But it also means you’ll have transferable skills once your course has ended.

What will I be expected to do on the language course at Alcalingua?

Students are tested on their first day to determine their entry level. A

nd these levels are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR).

This means the level you’ll be studying will be a perfect mix of challenge and support.

Whether you’re a beginner or a more proficient language learner, you can expect to study over two sessions.

And the sessions run in the morning or afternoon. So, if you’re fitting in your Spanish lessons around your other studies, you have flexibility.

What’s more, each day students take two sessions with two subjects. And each subject is taught by a different teacher.

Plus, you get a little break between classes to get refreshments.

Here’s what you can expect from your sessions:

Session Session Details
Session 1 Language and communication – learn and practice Spanish in context but with support
Session 2 Oral and written skills – extending your Spanish skills through a range of activities. These include: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.


Courses run quarterly through the academic year.

But to promote flexibility the University Spanish Courses at Alcalingua also run intensive sessions through the summer.

So, if you’re fitting in a course between your studies elsewhere, you can still study Spanish at the University of Alcala.

Spanish Course Costs and Details:

Course Duration Hours ECTS Credits Price
Language (Autumn) October to December 160 16 1,395 €
Language (Winter) January to March 160 16 1,395 €
Language (Spring) March to May 160 16 1,395 €
Intensive Language June 80 8 760 €
Intensive Language July 80 8 760 €
Intensive Language August 80 8 760 €
Intensive Language September 80 8 760 €
Language Annual 480 48 3,920 €


As you can see, there are plenty of choices to suit your needs. And we know you’ll be delighted with your language course at the University of Alcala.


Spanish Language and Culture Courses at the University of Alcala

Study Spanish at Alcala University


Sometimes you want more than just to learn a new language. You want to be immersed in Hispanic culture, too.

If this sounds like you then choose a Language and Culture Course at Alcalingua.

The course program follows the same structure as the language courses but with one extra session. So that your cultural learning is catered for.

As before, you’ll be tested on your first day so that you’re placed in the right learning environment.

The sessions run in the morning or afternoon to fit around your other commitments. And sessions 1 and 2 are identical to the language course sessions.

The third session is dependent on the CEFR level you’re placed at when you enter the course.

Here are the Spanish Language And Culture Details for Session 3:

CEFR Level Session 3 Details
A1 Students extend their knowledge of language and culture at a focused and supportive level.
A2 Sessions are based on Hispanic civilization
B1 – C2 4 modules that cover: Spanish and Latin American art, history, film, and literature.


As you can see below, the Language and Culture courses at the University of Alcala run on the same timetable as the Language Courses.

But prices, hours of study, and ECTS credits vary.

Course Costs and Details:

Course Duration Hours ECTS Credits Price
Language & Culture (Autumn) October to December 200 20 1,805 €
Language & Culture (Winter) January to March 200 20 1,805 €
Language & Culture(Spring) March to May 160 20 1,805 €
Intensive Language & Culture June 80 10 940 €
Intensive Language & Culture July 80 10 940 €
Intensive Language & Culture August 80 10 940 €
Intensive Language & Culture September 80 10 940 €
Language & Culture Annual 600 60 5,070 €


As you can see, the Language and Culture Course offers an immersive learning experience.

But over the course of your study, you’ll see your learning grow day by day.

And with a few days holiday during your study, you’ll love the opportunity to test your growing language skills.

As well as feel that you understand the local culture and history with greater depth.

What other Spanish Courses Can I take at Alcala University?

There is a range of University of Alcala Spanish Courses (Alcalingua) that might suit your academic needs.

Spanish For Specific Purposes at Alcalingua

So you’re already proficient in Spanish, are you? Great. That means you might prefer a more tailored Spanish language course.

And Alcalingua can help you perfect your Spanish Language niche.

Providing your above B1 CEFR level, you can choose from:

– Business Spanish

– Spanish for Tourism

– Spanish for Health Sciences

– Legal Spanish

What’s more, Alcalingua has produced a supportive and specifically designed textbook.

This way, you’ll feel fully supported in your chosen area of Spanish.

Customized Spanish Courses at Alcalingua

If you’re part of an individual, institution, or company and you want Alcalingua to tailor-make a course to suit your requirements or your students or employees’ needs, they can accommodate you.

And, Alcalingua at the University is proud of its ability to customize its Spanish language study programs around specific objectives.

Online Courses at Alcalingua

It’s generally better to learn and practice your Spanish in person, but there may be times or circumstances when face-to-face learning isn’t possible.

That’s why Alcalingua offers live classes online.

This way if you can’t get to a class because of clashes with work or study commitments, you can still improve your Spanish.

For more information about any of the Course Costs and Details mentioned above, please contact Alcalingua or ask us to help!

Are the University of Alcala Spanish Courses (Alcalingua) Accredited?

All Alcalingua courses at the University of Alcala are accredited by the prestigious Instituto Cervantes.

This is an internationally recognized mark of the quality of the teaching you have received.

Studying abroad can offer the most incredible life experiences. But getting started can sometimes be a bit daunting.

Our team are always here to help answer any of your queries.

Whether it’s about Alcala University Spanish Courses or other aspects of living and studying in Spain. 

Contact us any time, and we’ll be happy to help. 

And for more information about student housing, or for help finding the right accommodation, check out this page on our site.

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