11 Best High Schools in Spain

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A big part of raising a child overseas is finding the right school for them. This post will focus on the best high schools in Spain for your child’s education.

Have you spent countless hours searching online for the best ‘middle high schools in Spain’ or simply ‘primary schools in Spain?’ Search no longer.

Maybe you’re specifically looking for a school that fosters the development of business skills.

Perhaps you hope to find a school that seeks to empower a students’ own motivations.

Whatever your preference, this list will hopefully help you decide on the right fit for your child.

So, let’s dive into this list of the best high schools in Spain with our first choice…

1. SEK International School

The SEK International School is an arm of the SEK Education Group.

Founded in 1892, this group aims to foster an altogether global education community.

The current group of SEK International Schools caters to thousands of students. Each at varying levels of education.

From four months old up to 18 years, students learn necessary skills and competencies to prepare for the real world through an SEK framework.

With an international approach and a focus on innovation, SEK schools work to empower students for their time in the professional world.

These schools focus on a Future Learning Model.

This model promotes autonomous learning via each student’s own motivation and agency.

2. British School of Málaga

Second on our list is the British School of Málaga.

Established in 2000, this all-through school provides a British-based education for students.

The school is accesible for those located either in or around the city of Málaga.

The curriculum is bi-cultural-based, and also takes a personalized approach to each students’ education.

This school emphasizes the importance of cultural and creative experiences.

It specifically believes that each student can learn from the experiences of others.

The main philosophy taught at the British School of Málaga is that a student’s growth and development stems from respect for themselves and others.

In addition, growth comes from the positive learning environment in which they find themselves.

3. Newton College in Alicante

This bilingual school in Alicante, Spain aims to prepare students to be world citizens with integrity and a heightened international awareness.

Newton College teaches both Spanish and British curriculum up to Sixth Form.

Language learning is a main focus at Newton College so that students are better able to familiarize themselves within a global environment at a young age.

Students at this school enjoy a complete international education. I.e. through continuous classroom practice and face-to-face exchanges.

This private British school offers a comprehensive education, with received diplomas recognized internationally by a wide range of public and private universities.

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4. The American School of Las Palmas

The American School of Las Palmas was established in 1967 as a means for the families of NASA scientists to complete their education.

Inspired by North America’s tradition and cultures, this non-denominational, private school is authorized by the Spanish Ministry of Education.

The American School of Las Palmas promotes an active involvement in the education system.

Furthermore, it promotes an overall commitment to social well-being.

This school also focuses on ensuring each student learns at the highest level of their ability. This structure of teaching aims to prepare students to be flexible in a constantly changing society.

5. Colegio International Ausiàs March in Valencia

Nearing the middle of our list is the Colegio International Ausiàs March in Valencia.

This private school was founded in 1972 and has become a key educational space in the Valencian community.

The school focuses on the idea that “what you learn” is equally as important as “how you learn it.”

This ideology equips students with the space to experiment, observe, and reflect through self-activity.

This ultimately leads to the student discovering the learning style that suits them best.

The schooling system at Colegio International Ausiàs March ultimately aims to be more motivating than most traditional school systems.

6. Colegio Base  – Madrid

Number six on our list is Colegio Base – Madrid International School. This independent, private institution teaches students from infancy through to university admission.

Colegio Base’s framework is characterized by innovative methodologies, social commitment, and a comprehensive English immersion program.

Said program aims to teach students a high level of command of the English language.

Said programs exist for students to ultimately obtain qualifications from prestigious institutions such as the University of Cambridge.

This school aims to foster a mutual respect between teachers and students to ensure a positive and motivating learning atmosphere.

7. Colegio Internacional de Valladolid

The Colegio Inernacional de Valladolid is a bilingual school that focuses on linguistic English immersion.

Academic excellence is at the forefront of this international school.

Colegio Internacional is dedicated to teaching students via methodologies based in active learning styles.

With this, teachers hope to encourage critical thinking, independence, and curiosity.

This school offers an individualized teaching approach to encourage each student to develop their own identity.

The primary mission objective is that all students are able to experience, and take part in, the challenging curriculum in order to reach their own unique potential.

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8. Engage Independent School in Madrid

The Engage Independent School in Madrid takes the well-being and learning quality of their students seriously.

Engage Independent focuses on a specific teaching methodology.

The methodology ensures their students acquire the proper skills necessary to thrive and become competent adults.

The school focuses on ensuring skills and competencies are taught so that each child will be capable of facing each stage of their personal and emotional development with strength.

This school focuses on global methodologies, including the use of English as the language used to work in areas of technology such as programming or design.

9. Colegio Inglés Zaragoza

Bilingualism is at the forefront of the Colegio Inglés Zarazoga mission.

Total English immersion is taught to students from the moment they start by teachers with extensive experience.

The curriculum at Colegio Inglés Zarazoga aims to help students become competent in their communications and promote critical thinking in both English and Spanish.

The aim is to provide an advantage to students upon reaching their professional careers.

In addition, this school places a large emphasis on family and strong communication.

This emphasis also helps students to take part in the best possible learning atmosphere for their personal and professional goals.

10. Fontenebro International School in Madrid

The Fontenebro International School in Madrid offers students a bilingual program specifically centered around experiential learning.

Teachers here also focus on the importance of core values.

Instructors also focus on establishing the necessary connections in the brain that are most helpful to each student.

The school develops social and communication skills from ages as young as 1.

This school actively encourages critical thinking and creativity via an overall personalized approach.

The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid recognizes this school for its academic excellence.

It also consistently ranks as one of the 50 best schools in Spain!

11. International School Andalucía in Seville

The International School Andalucía is located in the capital city of Seville.

This international school focuses on achieving true English immersion throughout the school year.

For this reason it easily earns its spot on our list as one of the top high schools in Spain.

The ultimate goal is to have students communicate as fluently in English as they do in Spanish.

Additionally, the curriculum adds a third language for students during primary school.

Children are encouraged to make their own choices through self-structured play and learning.

Learning opportunities take place in the classroom as well as through educational visits.

Furthermore, thinking critically is at the forefront of this school’s curriculum.

Instructors also encourage students to engage in their own curiosity, ask questions, and utilize what they learn in real life scenarios.

Best High Schools in Spain

Whether you’re sending your child to a high school in Spain, or simply seeking to switch them to a junior high school in Spain, you have many options to choose from.

We hope this list has at least provided some clarity.

Spain houses some of the best public and private international schools at all levels.

Moreover, many of these schools are globally recognized and have highly regarded reputations.

Above all, finding the right school can undoubtedly be a major decision. At Go! Go! España, we can help.

We can assist with enrollment in any of these schools, as well as many more. Please contact us for free assistance.

We’d love to help make the process looking through the best high schools in Spain a little easier.

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